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Reducing fraud and friction in consumer experiences 

As regulatory oversight aimed at stopping financial fraud rises, identity and credit checks during onboarding processes are causing customers to abandon their shopping carts. Customers want simple, fast, convenient onboarding. The situation is forcing B2C companies and online retailers to rethink their customer journeys. They need protections in place that yield fast, accurate, low friction and invisible identity and credit checks. This e-book explores the challenges, solutions, and next steps retailers can take to provide frictionless, invisible fraud detection.

In this e-book we’ll cover:

  • Challenges retailers face today when fraud detection causes friction for the customer
  • Technologies organizations can use to resolve friction-related challenges
  • Tools and techniques used in Telesign’s solution
  • Additional steps organizations can take to improve consumer onboarding processes
  • Next steps organizations must take to reduce fraud and friction

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