Uses SMS to confirm user identities, reduce fraud and provide an effective communications channel

The Challenge

Talabat was looking to replace their original two-factor authentication (2FA) vendor because they were experiencing continual SMS delivery and latency issues, where these critical 2FA messages were not reaching intended recipients. This led to a negative impact on the registration process, disruptions to the flow of consistent communications and lost revenue.

TeleSign Delivered

Reduced Fraud - Less Fake Orders And Fewer Invalid Phone Numbers

Accurate Customer Info - Improved Accuracy Of Deliveries & Established A Channel For On-Going Communications

Higher Global SMS Delivery Rates – Critical SMS Messages Reach Customers Quickly

The Solution

Sending an SMS message may seem simple, but it’s actually a very complex process. As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and part of the BICS family (leading international telecommunications enabler), TeleSign has mastered the intricacies of sending SMS messages. This was a key reason Talabat deployed a TeleSign SMS solution. With TeleSign’s SMS API, Talabat’s messages are consistently being delivered on-time and reaching global customers. With significantly improved SMS delivery rates, Talabat has increased registration completions, improved customer satisfaction rates and has encouraging active use and repeat sales.

With TeleSign’s SMS APIs, we’re effectively authenticating users without impacting registration conversions and we now have accurate, reachable, and verified phone numbers for effective on-going customer communications – this is a huge advantage for us.

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