Once reduces costs by 50% & fraud by 12%

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Reduced Fraud By 12%
Resolved SMS Delivery Issues
50% Reduction In Costs
“TeleSign has helped us reduce fraud by 12%, lower our verifications costs by 50%, and increase SMS delivery rates”
Chief Product Officer
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Once is a free online dating service based in Europe that provides connection opportunities for singles looking to meet other singles. Once brings back the magic to the online dating world with quality over quantity. Everyday at noon singles get their matches based on selected criteria and have 24 hours to make a connection. The service has over 4-million users and 20-million matches are made every month.

Dating sites with millions of users can be targets for fraudsters. To combat this, Once turned to TeleSign for its single-platform global communications and trusted identity data solutions. TeleSign provides more than just SMS phone verifications. TeleSign offers fraud risk data intelligence that’s designed to strengthen account security by identifying and blocking harmful users at account registration while streamlining the process for authentic and valuable users. With TeleSign, Once carefully manages the balance between account security and user base growth. Their goal is to grow their user base free of bad actors and increase it with active, online daters who trust that their sensitive information is protected and that they are communicating with other genuine single people--not scammers.

The Challenge

Allowing users to sign up without a secure identity verification process at account registration makes dating sites susceptible to fake accounts. Over time, ecosystems with fraudulent behaviorexperience user base erosion. Account security also leads to increased user trust and more active use. When dating app users feel they are safely connecting with other legitimate users, they become loyal to the brand and this often leads to account upgrades and increased revenue.

Once’s proactive approach to account security has helped them maintain their strong reputation for protecting their users from fraud. Once was looking to strengthen their current account registration process beyond phone verification without adding friction to legitimate users. Once needed to find a new SMS provider to resolve their SMS delivery issues (message failures & latency), as this was impacting verification completion rates. They also wanted a new provider who offered enhanced customer support and lower SMS costs.

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The Solution

Once chose TeleSign because they offered two essential services, SMS communications and end-user fraud risk scoring. With a TeleSign solution, Once is able to evaluate the potential risk of each user without additional registration steps or added friction on legitimate users to quickly confirm identities. Once deployed TeleSign Score, as it provides a fraud risk reputation score based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium. They use TeleSign SMS, a phone based verification and two-factor authentication service to send time-based, one-time passcodes over SMS. Once also uses SMS messaging as an effective customer communications channel, sending timely, personalized information via SMS notifications and alerts to their users throughout the customer lifecycle that help to increase usage and engagement.

Significant reduction in costs, 30% to 50% savings per month and enhanced customer support

“TeleSign’s tech platform worked perfectly. The integration was flawless, and their customer support team is responsive and helpful.

Since deploying TeleSign, we’ve been able reduce overall verification costs by 30% to 50%, which was key factor in selecting TeleSign,” states the Chief Product Officer at Once.

Their previous vendor was lacking in customer support and they charged excessive fees for support. With TeleSign, Once gained access to a dedicated TeleSign team, 24/7 support, integration assistance, UI and UX reviews, compliance support and so much more, all for no additional fees and even better per transaction pricing. This was a key factor in Once selecting TeleSign.

Reduced fraud by 12% - enhanced account security without impacting legitimate users

Once has successfully reduced fraudulent account registrations by 12%, preventing profile misrepresentations, catfishing attempts, spamming and other potential fraud from occurring, protecting their valuable users. These new security efforts have not impacted their legitimate users.

Resolved SMS delivery issues – achieving increased delivery and completion rates

When SMS one-time passcodes aren’t delivered, it impacts the user experience because legitimate users are not able to successfully create their account quickly. With TeleSign, Once has seen a significant uplift in completed verifications. TeleSign’s global communications network helped Once increase their SMS delivery rates, an issue they were continually seeing with their previous vendor.

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