OLX globally establishes secure user authentications

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Improved SMS delivery rates
Ability to easily scale globally
Increased verification completion rates
“Using TeleSign has enabled us to scale globally, faster and more efficiently--allowing us to focus on our core business.”
Herman Maritz
Head of Engineering
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OLX Group is a global product and tech company operating online classifieds platforms in more than 40 countries through its 17 market-leading brands. Used by more than 350 million people every month, OLX Group is making it super easy for anyone to buy and sell almost anything.

OLX Group is focused on delivering the best user experience for both buyers and sellers that visit their classifieds platform(s), one that is secure but doesn’t place too much friction on legitimate users. OLX Group deployed TeleSign’s phone verification services to deliver two-factor authentication (2FA), an effective security measure that helps verify user identities. With TeleSign, OLX Group is able to proactively prevent online account-based fraud and fake accounts, further protecting their legitimate buyers and sellers.

The Challenge

OLX Group is proactive about online security in authenticating buyers and sellers using 2FA phone number verifications to help prevent fraudulent behavior across their sites. Adding a second layer of account security has helped OLX Group keep their user base secure, without impacting valid buyers and sellers.

OLX Group was experiencing SMS delivery issues in several international countries with their previous vendor causing them to have lower than expected verification completion rates, as messages were not reaching intended recipients. SMS delivery issues were also impacting their on-going customer lifecycle communications, this included periodic SMS messages sent in the form of alerts, reminders, notifications and marketing campaigns to both buyers and sellers that encourage usage and promote sales. OLX Group began evaluating other global communications providers.

The Solution

OLX Group ultimately chose TeleSign, a leading provider of single-platform global communications and trusted identity data solutions. OLX Group uses TeleSign’s SMS and Voice services to perform phone verifications, deliver one-time passcodes (OTPs) and on-going SMS communications with their buyers and sellers throughout the customer lifecycle. With TeleSign, OLX Group has been able to increase their phone verification completion and delivery rates, because their SMS messages are now reaching intended users in areas where they were previously having quality issues.

As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and part of the BICS family (a leading international communications enabler), TeleSign’s network spans across 700+ high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes with providers worldwide to ensure the highest availability, delivery and completion rates, with unmatched international coverage for our customers.

Improved SMS delivery rates - resulting in increased verification completion rates

With TeleSign, the OLX Group was able to resolve their SMS issues. Their SMS messages are reaching their intended recipients resulting in massive improvements in their completed verifications and they are seeing a reduction in the number of incoming calls to their support team to complete buyer and seller registrations.

700+ direct-to-carrier networks worldwide – ability to easily scale globally

TeleSign’s leading global network has allowed OLX Group to expand their presence in other countries. They have increased their reach into several other target markets without experiencing SMS delivery issues.

“TeleSign’s global communications service has allowed us to scale quickly and expand into our target countries ahead of schedule and without SMS issues,” states Herman Maritz, Head of Engineering, OLX Group.

Gained access to a dedicated TeleSign team, free premium 24x7 support andUI/UX reviews

TeleSign worked very closely with OLX Group to understand their business needs and expectations. OLX Group now has access to free “premium” support plus personalized on-boarding services including an assigned Sales Executive and Account Manager. In addition, they have access to 24/7 email and phone support, UI & UX reviews, best practices guidance, compliance assistance, routing experts and knowledge engineers – essential business services which their previous vendor did not provide.

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