Establishes global account trust anchors for secure user authentications with TeleSign

The Challenge

OLX Group was experiencing SMS delivery issues in several international countries with their previous vendor causing them to have lower than expected 2FA completion rates, as messages were not reaching intended recipients. SMS delivery issues were also impacting their on-going customer lifecycle communications, this included periodic SMS messages sent in the form of alerts, reminders, notifications and marketing campaigns to both buyers and sellers that encourage usage and promote sales. OLX Group began evaluating other global communications providers.

TeleSign Delivered

Improved Sms Delivery Rates - Resulting In Increased Verification Completion Rates

700+ Direct-To-Carrier Networks Worldwide – Ability To Easily Scale Globally

Gained Access To A Dedicated Telesign Team, Free Premium 24X7 Support And Ui/Ux Reviews

The Solution

OLX Group uses TeleSign’s SMS and Voice services to perform phone verifications, deliver one-time passcodes (OTPs) and on-going SMS communications with their buyers and sellers throughout the customer lifecycle. With TeleSign, OLX Group has been able to increase their phone verification completion and delivery rates, because their SMS messages are now reaching intended users in areas where they were previously having quality issues.

Utilizing the TeleSign platform has enabled us to scale globally, faster and more efficiently--allowing us to focus on our core business.

Herman Maritz

Head Of Engineering

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