The Challenge

The couponing, promotions, loyalty and gift card market is highly targeted by fraudsters, so it was essential that MobileDigital develop a strong fraud prevention solution. However, they did not want to add numerous validation steps that would impact the user experience and add undue friction during authentication. They were also experiencing continuous reliability and delivery issues with their SMS communications provider.

TeleSign Delivered

Reduction In Registration Fraud

Less User Friction And Improved Onboarding Process

Better Sms Reliability And Delivery

The Solution

With TeleSign Score and SMS Verify, MobileDigital established a solution that helps mitigate fraud, reduces the creation of multiple fake accounts and does not disrupt the legitimate user experience. The verification process is quick and seamless. The user simply enters their phone number and it is automatically checked against TeleSign’s global clearinghouse of predictive data and assigned a risk score. The risk score helps MobileDigital block, challenge or allow the user to proceed, download coupons, use online promotions, perform transactions, use credit cards and ensure gift codes are delivered to the correct person.

TeleSign offers very intelligent products that are worth having on all apps. I can’t see why anyone would not want to use TeleSign APIs for customer verifications to reduce fraud and user friction.

Eibhlis Stuckey

Founding Director, Mobiledigital

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