Large Bitcoin Company

Deployed a stronger identity verification process and higher quality communications network

The Challenge

With all the buzz around bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you have probably a lot heard about it. But what you may not think about are the security measures that surround cryptocurrency and crypto wallets. In fact, all of these currencies rely on some pretty extreme safety measures to ensure security and prevent hackers from impacting their ecosystems, the customer experience, adherence to compliance and ultimately, margins. Creating trusted identity profiles using 2FA, phone data intelligence and fraud risk scoring are just a few of the layers of security that TeleSign offers to keep users’ bitcoins safe. After all, Fort Knox had more than a single wall protecting all the gold.

TeleSign Delivered

Stronger Identity Verification Process

Communications Network With Broader Global Reach

Prevent More Fraudsters From Entering Their Ecosystem

The Solution

TeleSign’s sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions are some of the many tools leveraged by cryptocurrency companies to connect and protect their users. TeleSign provides valuable user data insights and fraud risk scoring to keep fraudsters out and SMS and voice services to maintain constant communications with their users, all from a single-platform. TeleSign is a security partner that also provides cryptocurrency companies guidance on how to prevent fraud and reduce the impacts of IRSF. TeleSign monitors spikes in voice traffic and other anomalies so they can shut down attacks quickly with minimal financial impact to the business.

TeleSign provides reliable SMS, voice and data intelligence services that are essential to large bitcoin companies to prevent fraud, reduce IRSF attacks and create more secure and trusted identity user profiles.

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Large Bitcoin Company

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