Protects global accounts from compromise with TeleSign

The Challenge

In order to protect their global accounts from compromise beyond the traditional username and password, Evernote decided to add phone-based two-factor authentication (2FA) to all user accounts. During the vendor analysis process, Evernote was looking for several specific qualities, such as: global coverage, ease of implementation and overall experience.

TeleSign Delivered

Seamless Integration

Identification Of Sms-Enabled Phones

Custom Ui/Ux Review

The Solution

TeleSign’s documentation made the integration phase extremely seamless to complete allowing Evernote to deploy their two-factor authentication solution very quickly. Additionally, TeleSign’s Client Services team performed a custom UI/UX review to provide Evernote with the best practice recommendations they collected from similar customer deployments. In addition to TeleSign’s two-factor authentication offering, Evernote also deployed TeleSign’s PhoneID to identify if a phone is SMS enabled or not.

We were looking at several vendors, TeleSign won out as our CPaaS provider because of their demonstrated security expertise, high quality direct-to-carrier routes, and global coverage. We use them to send both SMS notifications and security 2FA messages.

Dave Engberg

CTO, Evernote

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