Evernote protects global accounts from compromise

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“TeleSign won out as our CPaaS provider because of their security expertise, high quality direct-to-carrier routes, and global coverage.”
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Evernote designs apps and products that transform the way you work. Its software is specifically designed to be simple, accessible and available everywhere. Evernote began a wide-ranging review of its security measures to ensure the integrity and overall experience of its services.

The Challenge

During the vendor analysis process, Evernote was looking for several specific qualities, such as: global coverage, ease of implementation and overall experience.

Evernote soon realized that TeleSign was the ideal provider because through each stage of the evaluation process their level of expertise was obvious.

The Solution

TeleSign’s documentation — simple REST API along with Software Development Kits (SDKs) — made the integration phase extremely seamless to complete allowing Evernote to deploy their two-factor authentication solution very quickly.

The 2FA service was up and running within hours and the project was able to launch on schedule.

Evernote was assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager for no additional cost which served as a main point of contact during implementation and in an ongoing support capacity.

TeleSign committed to a strong long-term relationship with Evernote, creating a hands-on pilot experience and providing recommendations for the Evernote team on an ongoing basis. TeleSign’s fraud services team constantly analyzes Evernote’s SMS traffic and highlights potential anomalies. Additionally, TeleSign’s Client Services team performed a custom UI/UX review to provide Evernote with the best practice recommendations they collected from similar customer deployments. This included things such as the language explaining to the customer what to expect, what limitations to implement on the backend and regional specific recommendations. TeleSign has aggregated this insight from working with 20 of the 25 largest websites and mobile applications globally.

TeleSign also has superior breadth of global coverage (over 200 countries and provides services in 87 languages), ensuring Evernote’s international user base would be protected and that the company would be future-proofed against its own explosive growth.

In addition to TeleSign’s two-factor authentication offering, Evernote also deployed TeleSign’s PhoneID Standard to identify if a phone is SMS enabled or not. Evernote uses the product to confirm that if a user has requested an SMS, they have provided a phone number that can actually receive an SMS. This means that users are prompted to provide a new number instead of waiting for an authentication SMS that will never come — a small but critical step to improve overall user experience. Since deploying two-factor authentication, .07% of their free users and a 1.09% of Premium users have the feature enabled.

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