Comeon! achieves 99% SMS delivery rate

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Reduced Fraudulent Account Registrations
Increased SMS Delivery Rates To 99%
Increased Number Of “Safe-Players”
“Consistently high SMS delivery rates, helped us improve our customer acquisition flow & increase conversion rates by over 10%.”
Can Yilanlioglu
Co-Founder & Business Development
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Cutting edge online gaming site, ComeOn! offers Casino, Betting and Poker products around the world. Founded in 2008, ComeOn! provides a solid platform for online games, as well as a site and work force that is focused on every little detail to deliver a top-notch user experience and secure gaming community filled with “safe-players.”

Due to a great overall quality in terms of brand, gambling products and a customer focused approach, ComeOn has become a household name for many online gamblers throughout Europe but perhaps especially in the Scandinavian region. Apart from being a casino product, ComeOn! also offers sports betting and online poker.

The Challenge

Fraudsters wreak havoc on gaming communities and can impact a gaming company’s brand reputation as experienced and purist players tend to end subscriptions and cancel accounts if they believe that fraud is damaging a game’s integrity. ComeOn! wanted to catch more fraud and reduce spikes in bonus abuse, where a single user creates several accounts to take advantage of bonus spins, free money bonuses and deposit bonuses.

ComeOn! was also seeing upticks in customer reported cases of fraudulent activity as their current solution did not provide valuable phone number intelligence that enables businesses to make instant fraud risk decisions during the account registration process. ComeOn! was also experiencing issues with SMS delivery, which caused frequent customer support calls reporting 2FA codes not reaching the end-user.

The Solution

ComeOn! selected TeleSign as their new vendor because they were able to deliver it all: high-quality SMS communications with optimized delivery routes plus security-focused features to protect end-user accounts. As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), TeleSign maintains deep relationships with hundreds of telecommunication providers worldwide, providing the most reliable SMS delivery and conversion rates in the industry – a key requirement for ComeOn!.

ComeOn! now uses TeleSign Score and SMS Verify to identify, analyze, and block suspicious users before entering their gaming community. During account registration, ComeOn! collects an end-user’s phone number and other pertinent user information and instantly scores the user for fraud risk by retrieving data (phone type, telecom carrier information, registration information, velocity, traffic patterns and prior history of reported fraud) on the provided phone number. Score enables ComeOn! to instantly assess risk and determine whether or not to allow the user to proceed. After passing the fraud assessment, the user then completes the registration process; using SMS Verify, a phone-based verification 2FA process that sends a time-based OTP over SMS to the user prompting them to enter the code. ComeOn! then attaches the verified user’s phone number to their account as a global trust anchor for future authentication.

Reduced fraudulent account registrations and less cases of reported fraud

Phone verification plus phone number intelligence (including data available from a shared ecosystem of known fraudulent numbers, TeleBureau™) helps ComeOn! determine whether to block or allow new account registrations. ComeOn! has been able to prevent significantly more fraud using TeleSign and as a result is experiencing fewer cases of reported fraud from their customers.

Increased SMS delivery rates to 99% and increased registration rates by 10%

ComeOn! no longer sees high amounts of incompletes or user abandonment during the registration flow due to SMS OTPs not being delivered.

By switching to TeleSign they have been able to increase SMS delivery rates to 99%

This ensures ComeOn! is reaching all intended users. “A 10% increase in visitor-to-player rate is a key benefit for us, as this has significantly increased our gaming revenues,” states Can Yilanlioglu, Co-Founder & Business Development.

Increased number of “Safe-Players” by integrating fraud risk scoring and phone verification

One of ComeOn!’s main priorities is to build a better and safer gaming community. By integrating Score and SMS Verify into their existing registration flow, ComeOn! has been able to attain that goal and the company is seeing an increase in the number of “safe-players” in their community, reductions in fraud-related costs, and fewer customer support calls, which has reduced overhead and support costs. According to Yilanlioglu, “The TeleSign products were one of the easiest implementations we’ve done and we see benefits from these services each and every day.”

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