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Reduced fraud
Streamlined registration process
Dramatically improved SMS delivery rates
“TeleSign Score is gold! It allows us to make instant fraud risk decisions without too much friction on good users.”
Leonard Teo
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ArtStation is a leading showcase platform for games, film, media and entertainment artists. The platform enables artists to present their portfolios in a slick way, discover and stay inspired, and develop a fan-base while connecting them to new business opportunities. Many artists find it very difficult to get exposure and find work; ArtStation is changing the game for artists as an industry-leading hub with millions of people using their platform.

The ArtStation ecosystem is growing quickly and has a very large global presence. With hundreds of thousands of artists and more signing up each day, combined with millions of people browsing their site to follow their favorite artist or to buy content, ArtStation is proactive regarding security and fraud prevention--a key differentiator for their business.

The Challenge

Showcase platforms and marketplaces can be plagued with fake accounts created by fraudulent users and bots. These bad actors wreak havoc on ecosystems with spam, phishing attempts, phony posts, and more that can devalue a user base and negatively impact a brand’s reputation. ArtStation has always been focused on fraud prevention, when they began seeing spikes in fake accounts that could eventually impact their ecosystem, they decided to look for a new vendor who could provide phone data intelligence and fraud risk scoring connected to an SMS communications solution.

ArtStation also needed to improve their SMS delivery rates in international countries--an area where messages were often not being delivered on a consistent basis, causing increases in support calls.

The Solution

ArtStation implemented a robust fraud prevention and communications solution using TeleSign’s Score and SMS products, resulting in less fraud and higher quality, verified users. “With TeleSign, we’re generally able to tell a fake user from a legitimate one instantly," stated Leonard Teo, CEO of ArtStation.

"We literally went from having to ban thousands of fake accounts every month down to a handful.”

“Many sites now have SMS verification but it’s so easy to bypass with phone numbers pulled from Receive SMS Online websites and burner phones. TeleSign Score can tell you what kind of number is being used and the risks associated with that number,” continued Teo. “When we first contacted TeleSign, we simply sent them a set of numbers and asked them to tell us which one was the legitimate one, and when they did instantly, we knew we had to use TeleSign.”

“Cost-wise, TeleSign saved us from having to spend enormous amounts of engineering time and resources working on complex moderation and AI to find bad actors by simply preventing them from joining in the first place.” remarked Teo. “In speaking with our peers, we found that they were all spending far more trying to fix bad actors than just preventing them in the first place. They were afraid of the additional friction added during sign up, and we found that amount was negligible. When we investigated the people dropping off during sign up at the point of verification, the vast majority of them were fake users anyway and would not have contributed positively to the community.” ArtStation is now experiencing more valuable growth and fewer support calls related to fraud and spam issues.

Less fraud and a higher quality ecosystem differentiating their platform in the industry

ArtStation can now distinguish between a good/valuable user and a fraudulent one. TeleSign Score evaluates a user’s phone number using data intelligence, traffic patterns, a global data consortium and machine learning to uncover hidden insights, predict future events to deliver a risk assessment score for each user. ArtStation has achieved greater identity assurance with less fraud and is now creating a more authentic and higher quality ecosystem, a differentiator in the industry.

Streamlined registration process, now experiencing more valuable and sustainable growth

ArtStation streamlined the account registration with their TeleSign solution. They are proactively detecting bad actors before they can enter and damage their ecosystem. As a result, ArtStation is experiencing stronger, more valuable and sustainable growth while putting minimal end-user friction on real legitimate users.

Dramatically improved SMS delivery rates and ability to send messages globally without issues

ArtStation was experiencing SMS messages not being delivered internationally, causing users to call their support center to complete the verification process with their previous solution. TeleSign’s network spans across 700+ direct-to-carrier routes which has enabled ArtStation broader international reach and better SMS delivery rates.

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