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Company news, product updates and coverage of the latest trends in cloud communications and account security

How Digital Identity Fights Election Fraud

Learn how bots and trolls influence election fraud and how TeleSign uses digital identity to fight back by removing fake accounts from social platforms.

SIM Swap & Digital Identity: Why More Layers of Security are Key

TeleSign chronicles how a SIM Swap attack works, and how social engineering can make it so easy that a young teenager was able to do it.

Month in Hacks January 2020

Learn about every hack and breach that took place in January of 2020. Contact TeleSign to learn how to protect your business from fraud.

Month in Hacks November 2019

TeleSign chronicles all the hacks that happened in November, from the Disney+ breach to everything in between.

Month in Hacks October 2019

Ransomware attacks ran rampant in October. We chrinicle those and all the other cybersecurity attacks that took place in October 2019.

Catch Me if You Can: FBI Issues SIM Swap Warning

The FBI provides warning about SIM Swap and other account takeover attacks that attempt to circumvent multifactor authentication

Weaponizing Data Solutions Against the Fake News Bots in Ukraine

Bots in Ukraine are influencing public opinion

Month in Hacks September 2019

Learn about all the hacks, breaches and other dubious attacks that took place in September of 2019

How the Fraudster Stole Christmas

How to protect your users from holiday fraud

Remember: Only You Can Prevent SIM Swap Fraud

Knowing when a user activated their current SIM card (or last ported their number) could stop this attack.

The Month in Hacks: August 2018

The Month in Hacks: August 2018

The Month in Hacks: June 2018

MyHeritage is targeted by hackers, 230k Flightradar24 users have their credentials leaked, and Ethereum users lose $20.5 million in security vulnerability.

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