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Prime Day, Black Friday and Keeping Shopping Holidays Safe

What should eCommerce platforms be on the lookout for during spikes of activity?

How Atom Tickets Leveraged Digital Identity to Eliminate Promo Abuse

Learn how TeleSign leveraged digital identity solutions to help Atom Tickets secure their platform and lower promo and coupon abuse by 80 percent.

2FA Round-up: Government Agencies Approve Multifactor Authentication

Read on for a round up of all the government agencies that are recommending multifactor authentication due to increased fraud surrounding Covid.

Zero Trust: How Digital Identity Enables Safer Networks

Learn all the ways digital identity can build trust on your network by keeping it safe from a variety of fraudulent attacks.

Digital Hygiene: 5 Ways to Stay Safe

Use these five tips to increase your digital hygeine and protect yourself from a variety of threats online.

Should You Migrate to a New Voice Provider?

Handy guide on how to migrate to a new voice provider

How To: Build Your Own SMS Doorbell

Step by step instructions on how to build a handy SMS doorbell

Consumer Spending Over Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Is Forecast to Grow by 47% -- Keep Accounts Secure

Now is the time to make sure online accounts are protected with an additional layer of security, using two-factor authentication (2FA).

Sending an SMS or Voice Message With Node.js

Announcing the release of a Node.js SDK wrapper for TeleSign's APIs. Developers will be able to access Messaging, Voice, PhoneID, App Verify and Score APIs.

CAPTCHA Codes: Are They the Best Fraud Prevention Solution for Your Business?

CAPTCHAs can be effective, but in terms of security and user experience, they are probably not the best option.

Fraud Fighters: AARP

Our newest Fraud Fighters post highlights one non-profit that dedicates itself to addressing various key issues affecting older Americans...

How to Step Up Your Password Game on "World Password Day"

World Password Day serves to raise awareness for the importance of strong passwords and best practices for online account security. Learn more about it!

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