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The Value of 2FA and Score

Learn how TeleSign's 2FA verification solution uses Score to complement all your account security needs

Why We Link Communication and Digital Identity

Why We Link Communication and Digital Identity

TeleSign Summer Vacation

Learn how TeleSign protects users and platforms during summer vacation with solutions ranging from digital identity to programmable communications.

Score Big with Digital Identity in India

Learn how TeleSign's flagship digital identity solution, Score, can help protect your platform and users in the Indian market.

RCS Through the E-commerce Funnel

Learn how TeleSign can help e-commerce platforms use RCS to engage users at all points of the customer lifecycle and drive higher revenue.

Number Masking for an Anonymous Communication Experience

Learn how TeleSign's Number Masking solution can provide an anonymous communication experience, protecting the privacy of your employees and customers.

How TeleSign Protects Transactions from SIM Swap Fraud

Learn how TeleSign uses sophisticated mobile identity solutions to protect your users from account takeover and SIM Swap attacks.

Fake News? How TeleSign Keeps Bots and Trolls off Social Networks

Learn how TeleSign provides onboarding protection to social networks by removing fake accounts and bots from the platform.

Digital Identity for Onboarding Protection

Learn how TeleSign protects the onboarding process with both verification solutions and digital identity to prevent fake accounts.

USE CASE: How to Reduce Fake Accounts with Digital Identity

Leveraging both 2FA and digital identity to reduce fake accounts on your platform, leading to a much safer ecosystem for your real users.

USE CASE: Mobile Identity to Block Robo Calls

TeleSign is helping businesses use mobile identity as a defense mechanism from unwanted or fraudulent scam and robo calls.

Mobile Identity and You

Learn how mobile identity and phone number intelligence can provide valuable information for businesses about their users.

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