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Why 2FA and Digital Identity in iGaming Matters

Leverage 2FA and digital identity signals to protect your iGaming gambling accounts

Growing Dating Apps Securely

Learn how datings apps can scale while protecting their users over the entire customer journey

Finding New Ways to Reach Customers with an Omnichannel Strategy

Contact your customers where they are, when they want it with a contextual omnichannel strategy

Supplier Fraud and the Digital Identity Solution

When it comes to marketplaces, it's not always the customer committing fraud

The Value of Programmable Communications (During a Pandemic)

Programmable communications help a lot during a quarantine

Super Shopping in Singapore

Learn about one of Southeast Asia's largest shopping holidays

Get Smart: Protecting Connected Devices

Leaving your connected devices unsecured can cause real problems

No ID: Keeping Online Marketplaces Safe in the Digital World

How one pair of roller skates made me rethink digital identity and marketplaces

The Meteoric Rise of eSports

Learn about the explosive growth in eSports and all the money that is at stake in this emergent industry that could be a large target for fraud.

Engage Your Users with Programmable Communications

By leveraging programmable communications, businesses can engage their users and open new revenue streams. RCS and SMS pave the way to global expansion.

Protecting Transactions from Chargeback Fraud

Learn how TeleSign protects purchases at the transaction level with digital identity, preventing payment frauds such as chargeback fraud.

Digital Identity Solutions for a Healthy Platform

Learn how digital identity solutionms can act as preventative medicine to keep your platform healthy in a time of increased cyber secruity fraud.

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