Webinar: Improving the Mobile App Registration Process

TeleSign recently hosted a webinar focused on streamlining account registration using a user's Mobile Identity and how this reduces friction, increases security and simplifies the user experience.  For those who missed it, however, do not fret! The full recording is now available on-demand for your viewing.

Watch this TeleSign webinar to learn:

The current state of the mobile browser and app registration process

  • Mobile app use grew 76 percent from 2013 to 2014 and free app downloads are projected to reach 211.31 billion this year (2016)
  • With this growth came a greater prioritization of identity and account security
  • Data breaches are more common than ever

The definition of Mobile Identity and how it affects your mobile app

  • It creates a unique profile for each user through a combination of number, device, and behavior
  • This is used to verify authenticate users

How Tinder, a leading dating app, reduced spam traffic by 90 percent

  • By making security a priority, Tinder decreased fraudulent account registration and improved the user experience

Best practices for rolling out a simple “Mobile Identity” infused mobile registration process

  • TeleSign Mobile Identity solutions address the full spectrum of account security—registration, access, usage and recovery—to help prevent fraud and reduce risk, while streamlining the user experience to increase adoption, retention and trust

Sean Whitley was one of TeleSign's first employees and has watched the mobile verification and identification market emerge into what it is today. Sean has worked with TeleSign customers like Salesforce, Evernote and Line on implementing their mobile registration and two-factor authentication solutions.

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