WARNING: Bogus Password Reset Notifications from Skype

This is one variation of an email circulating Inboxes which looks like an authentic message from Skype, encouraging users to reset their password by clicking on a link in the email. Unfortunately, it's a spoof email. Skype would NEVER email customers asking them to do this via email links.

This bogus email redirects users to a fake Skype website. Users are then asked to enter their credentials into the required fields in order to reset the password. You guessed it -- this is where the username and password are captured by the bad guys and used for "less then honest" reasons. Your password has not been reset.  Instead, fraudsters can take control of your account, lock you out, and consume all of your credits.

Not cool.

Consumers need to be wary of these emails. Here's some quick tips:

  1. Turn on your email spam filter (if you haven't already done so).
  2. Any emails that look security related and suggest a high level of urgency should be examined very carefully. A good way to check the authenticity is to hover over the link with your mouse to see where the link is actually leading you. Any strange variations could be a clue that something's fishy.
  3. Never make security related changes directly from email.  Login to your account (by entering the right URL into your browser) to make the changes there.
  4. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication if it's available.  That way, if your username and password is used from an unrecognized device, a verification code will be sent to your phone. So the bad guys wont get into your account unless they have that verification code.

And remember, if you think that your account may been compromised or even suspect it, then go to skype.com and change your password immediately.

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