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Businesses are forever expanding their communications and engagement capabilities in order to connect to customers through the next best, most preferred, channel. From voice calling to emailing to SMS messaging to… voice calling. But the new voice calling. Application-to-person and person-to-application voice calling that enables automated interactions and seamless delivery of support services, alerts, reminders, and notifications. All sent with ease through embedded cloud communications technology.

Save on operational resources and improve user experience with a known technology, made fresh again. It's not groundbreaking, it's an optimized phone call, but sometimes it's the simplest things that prove to be the most complex.

What Could Go Wrong?

When it comes to voice functionality, quality issues can vary depending on the type of solution being used. Businesses utilizing legacy voice communication systems have realized that these older systems just aren't suited for today's “always-on” customer requirements. They are either overly complex, too difficult to customize, way too costly, and/or not equipped to deliver the real-time interactions and relevant engagements needed to retain customers and grow business. These voice solutions are typically not integrated into CRM systems or web and mobile applications. Phone calls happen outside of their essential business software tools, so important call details aren't collected and tracked to customer records. This is not a seamless experience for businesses or their customers.

Many businesses already utilizing an embedded voice solution are likely experiencing repeated call quality issues, where callers report jitter, the “breaking up” of communications or audible delays during phone calls. When there is too much jitter during a call, the audio cuts in and out and becomes choppy, impacting the call experience.  Others experience voice call delays, referred to as latency, which slow down conversations and cause the dreaded “talk over” effect where one speaker interrupts the other unknowingly. Latency issues also cause echoes making it hard for the listener to distinguish between spoken words.

These types of issues arise with most voice providers because their voice APIs rely on the public internet, so they do not maintain control of the network or routing. They are also unable to enforce carrier SLAs and have almost no way of troubleshooting quality issues. They rely on voice aggregators, and in some cases, SIM boxes to route their client's voice traffic.  These factors result in packet loss (failed transmissions), lower performance, latency and quality issues; not to mention, in most cases, higher costs.

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At TeleSign, we're part of the BICS family. BICS is one of largest voice providers in the world, processing over 2 trillion transactions per year with 95% global wireless coverage. BICS knows how to navigate the complexities of international voice traffic and we're now bridging our customers to that connectivity through our Voice API.

Our customers can now access the highest-quality call experiences through the one platform offering optimal pricing and the best network in the world.  TeleSign's Voice API runs through a private IPX network (not the public internet), allowing us to provide higher quality voice communications for our clients. We employ network redundancy to prevent unnecessary dropped or lost calls, and with 700+ direct-to-carrier relationships, your voice traffic will be never be running through a low performance, third-party network. We're able to enforce SLAs on carriers, control routing and ensure faster troubleshooting in the event of issues. No aggregators and no SIM boxes means less hops, less latency, and less cost. In fact, because of our relationship with BICS, our pricing is as much as 5x lower than competitors in certain regions.

We know communication is important for any industry. If you're not communicating effectively with your customers, your mixed messages will stunt business growth. With TeleSign as your trusted partner, providing you with the right tools, tech, and know-how,  you can improve voice communications and set your business up for long-term success.

Give our Voice API a try! We're confident you'll feel the difference.

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