VIDEO: TeleSign Score Delivers Identity Assurance and Reduced Fraud for RadPad

RadPad is a mobile marketplace that allows renters to find apartments, apply, sign a lease and pay their rent online. The site and app also enable landlords of those apartments to qualify renters in real time, sign leases and receive their rents electronically - all through RadPad.  In an effort to cut down on fraud to the business – in the form of fake users making illegitimate rent payments - RadPad turned to TeleSign Score to get phone number intelligence and fraud risk scoring.

Want to read the entire RadPad Case Study? You can find it here.

Key Benefits of TeleSign Score:

  • Achieve greater identity assurance - Delivers a data-driven fraud risk assessment and determines the appropriate action of whether to block or allow a transaction or verification.
  • Protect your brand and user base - Reduce fraudulent activity and improve the user experience with less account disruption.
  • Mitigate fraud to reduce losses - Collectively understand the characteristics of fraudsters in your ecosystem and identify the root cause of fraud.
  • Easy to integrate – Clearly documented API ensures ongoing real-time data and analytics integration of phone numbers, delivered in optimal formats to your systems, for best practice decision-making on new user verifications.

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