VIDEO: Saucey Makes On-Demand Alcohol Delivery Even Easier With One-Click Customer Verification

Verifying users is critical to any business where customers create online and mobile accounts to interact with their brand, conduct transactions and use credit/debit cards to make purchases.  When users are not authenticated, businesses experience an increase in fraudulent activities, decrease in revenue, potential brand damage and loss of user trust.

Saucey, an on-demand alcohol delivery app, recognized the importance of increasing security through new user verification at account registration.  They turned to TeleSign because they wanted a better and faster verification process that would result in more conversions, lower verification costs, improved delivery rates and less fraud.  They found what they were looking for with Auto Verify.

Want to read the entire Saucey Case Study? You can find it here.

Key benefits of Auto Verify:  

  • Streamlined account verification process with a better user experienceAuto Verify provides a one-click verification process during account registration.
  • Faster completions,  which equals more user conversions - Businesses can immediately take action.  Authorize and activate their account for use, prompt users to use a valid phone number, provide limited account access, or just block the user; all within seconds.
  • Greater cost control than SMS alone – one-click verification provides more transparent, predictable costs by utilizing a subscription pricing model that only charges you for completed verifications.
  • Part of an overall account protection system – If a user's phone does not support direct connection to receive the verification call, it can be set up to automatically failover to use an SMS verification process to support a business's entire customer base.

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