v2 TeleSign Self-Service SDKs Released—What's New?

The team here at TeleSign recently released v2 SDKs for our self-service customers. This marks a major version increase, from v1 to v2, for Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and C#. Other languages are on their way.

Key Changes

The most prominent change is the adoption of our new REST resources that let you query for various attributes of a phone number and provide messaging in a simpler way. We've picked our two basic services from the PhoneID suite of products and removed a bit of clutter from the request parameters and response properties. These are now called PhoneID and Score. And, together with the new pure Messaging and Voice APIs, they form a basis for just a couple of services that adapt to your specific needs and match your exact use-cases.

Other changes are due to our stricter standards matrix and allow for easier updates and lower-level procedures reuse. We've provided our HTTP header-generation routine as a static function. You can use any of the SDKs only for the static function and implement the service calls to your liking.

Our new self-service REST resources are:


Support for other REST resources is moved from the SDKs into extension libraries called Enterprise SDKs. They build on the self-service SDKs, so with the Enterprise SDKs you can also use self-service resources. As our Enterprise customer, chances are you've already been cleared to access them. If not, speak with your Technical Account Manager to obtain access now.

REST resources that are available in the Enterprise SDKs are:


Visit the full  list of changes specific to your language of choice: Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, C#.

The SDKs' repositories hold basic examples—that's the quickest way to get a feel of how it is to work with a new version. Each SDK method refers to its corresponding documentation in the TeleSign Developer Center. If you've never used the SDKs before, you may want go the other way around and start from the Developer Center. From there, you can browse through products or check out the list of Quick Start Docs, which explain how to use a TeleSign product to complete a general set of tasks using a walkthrough of a code sample.

The SDKs are MIT licensed, you can do anything with them you want. Fork them, and make some of your own. Get started now by signing in or signing up. Happy coding!

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