USE CASE: Mobile Identity to Block Robo Calls

Many are familiar with using mobile identity for security use cases. A classic reason to leverage telco data during new user registration would be to match a phone number with the contact information on file with the carrier to confirm identity. However as digital identity has evolved, TeleSign can now do things that were never before possible, pushing the limits of an evolving industry. One of those new use cases is using mobile identity as a way to help platforms prevent fraudulent phone calls.

Helping companies block robo calls

Using TeleSign's Score API, which is an identity solution that assesses the risk potential of any phone number in the world, a robo call screening solution can be implemented by any business that does not want their users getting inundated with scam calls. The way this solution works is that TeleSign evaluates dozens of data points in its database that is has gained access to with its various partnerships in the telco space. Furthermore, using machine learning and a proprietary algorithm, TeleSign is able to make a probabilistic decision on whether a phone number is a good or bad user.

While TeleSign will not actually block the bad number, it makes a recommendation to a platform to not let that user on their eco-system. In this specific example, a voice provider could run this API on all incoming phone calls and choose to block calls likely to be robo calls. By doing this, a business can improve its user experience and also protect its users from falling victim to common versions of robo call fraud.

TeleSign recently implemented this use case for a major software company in the United States and is able to block over one million fraudulent phone calls every day, which has increased customer retention. To learn more about this specific use case or how TeleSign helps all kinds of businesses with sophisticated identity solutions, click here.

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