Upgrade Your TeleSign Portal Account

If you're enjoying your TeleSign self-service trial account and all of the exciting integrations that come along with it, then perhaps it's time to take our relationship to the next level by upgrading your account. Let's take the governor off this thing and really fly to the moon. Once you have a fully upgraded paid account with TeleSign, your innovation possibilities are truly endless. I'll highlight a few of those new possibilities today.

  1. Messaging – With your trial account you can only send messages to pre-verified phone numbers. Once you upgrade, you can send messages to any number on the planet.
  2. Number – Using a trial account your messages are locked in with a specific send phone number. Once you unlock the power of a paid account you can send your messages from a custom number, helping you infiltrate new local markets.
  3. Frequency – Your trial account has a fixed frequency of messages you can send. Once we pop the training wheels off with the upgraded account there are no more arbitrary messaging limits.
  4. Funds – Your trial account came with $5, once you have used that up it's gone. But once you upgrade you can add funds with any denomination you feel comfortable. No crazy contracts that lock you in, just pay for what you use. Simple enough, right?

How easy is it to upgrade you ask? Let me show you in just 3 steps:

  1. From your dashboard, click on the “Upgrade” button in your sidebar menu.
  2. After clicking on the button, you will be presented with a dialog box where you must enter your credit card data.

You can always add another credit card or delete this one later. The amount that you add at the beginning is just for the first setup; you can always add more after the upgrade process is complete.

  1. Hit the “Upgrade” button to finish this process. Now you can use TeleSign products for all phone numbers and the “Test Number” feature is no longer needed!

You did it, you're now an elite constituent of a member's only club. Now go conquer the world with our APIs and make something awesome. We believe in you.

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