Thinking You Can Get By Without Support

In this post we explore pitfall #6 – Thinking You Can get By Without Support.

Although API integration is usually pretty straightforward, support is key when troubleshooting delivery issues. Support costs from generic API services are often overlooked or not considered, and is often more expensive than anticipated.

These API services often include free email support during business hours, but charge as much as $5,000 per month for live (phone-based) 24/7 support. An online knowledge base or access to log files is one thing, but when you are experiencing delivery issues, especially for your mission-critical messaging, you need proactive guidance from a support agent who is well versed in the nuances of global SMS delivery.

It's one thing to be transparent about outages, another to provide proactive guidance about how your problem is being resolved and when you can expect a resolution.

Here are some questions to pose to any potential SMS messaging vendor, which are especially important:

  • Do you offer free, global 24x7 live support (i.e. phone-based)?
  • Is your support team well versed in SMS and troubleshooting?
  • Is your support team empowered to solve your problem?
  • Do you offer integration or on-boarding support?
  • Do you offer a customer portal or proactive alerting?
  • Do you offer SLAs or Service Level Objectives?
  • Do you offer a customer portal to review detailed transaction and billing history?

It's getting easier to configure, install, connect and use a wide range of tech solutions, which is great news for developers. In the world of mission-critical SMS messaging, you're at the mercy of telecoms and intermediaries.  So, while implementing APIs may be a piece a cake, it's critical to partner with a carrier-savvy provider who can roll up their sleeves and fix the problem, rather than passing the buck.

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