The Layover

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”This has been commonly accepted knowledge for thousands of years, centuries before we knew the earth was round. In fact, unless you are watching the fourth season of ‘Lost' most people still agree that this is sage advice.Why then, do some people opt to take routes that are not a straight line? Worldwide highway systems might not always permit a path as the crow flies. It's even understandable why some cities might not have nonstop flights to every destination in the world.But given the option, is there any reason not to go direct?Of course not! Does anyone actually enjoy layovers? It's just an opportunity to purchase some overly expensive food, use a dirty bathroom and watch your phone battery die.And of course every connection you make doubles the chance that something will go wrong: weather, mechanical failures, an overbooking situation. These are all little nightmares that I'm sure you're quite familiar with.That's why our Voice platform at TeleSign uses direct connections . We don't mess around with aggregators or SIM boxes to connect to carriers. Why bother? That's adding an unnecessary track change on the subway, a detour on a road-trip. We go direct to carriers to ensure the highest quality possible for your customer calls.

This is what your voice calls look like on a platform with direct connections:

This is what your voice calls look like on a platform without direct connections:

Any questions? When TeleSign partnered with BICS, we didn't do it so we could have an excuse to visit Brussels, we did it because it places us directly in their private IPX network – giving us the ability to connect with carriers all over the world without using aggregators that come with the use of public internet . We get to use their network and they get to come visit us in sunny SoCal when they get sick of eating waffles and frites. What a trade. Contact TeleSign today to find out why it's always better to go direct and get on a network that you can trust."

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