The Critical Role of Client Services

There are many teams that contribute to making TeleSign the global leader in phone-based authentication and verification services. I am proud to be a part of one of them – the Client Services team.The Client Services team has three objectives: build strong relationships with our customers and partners, understand the security and fraud problems they are trying to solve, and make ourselves responsible for helping clients achieve those goals. Commitment to fulfill our service offering and being there to provide ongoing support is the mission of every Client Services team member here at TeleSign.With this charter in mind, we have expanded our Client Services department significantly this year. In addition to Account Managers, we have created a Technical Support team. Our clients and partners appreciate having each of these resources available to them to answer their questions and guide them through deployment or troubleshooting as they introduce our services to their systems. Both Client Services teams work with clients and partners through integration of our services, providing fraud prevention best practices and user experience reviews to help clients achieve deployment timelines. We understand internal development resources as well as tight timelines, and with mission critical problems to solve like fraud prevention, the help we provide our users is critical.The Client Services team doesn't go away once services are deployed either! We believe our clients are our partners, we pride ourselves in making this commitment known. We offer ongoing support to our clients and partners, and want to consistently be a reminder of why they chose TeleSign as their fraud prevention partner, and how can we can continue to grow together. Continually understanding the challenges our customers face, help TeleSign grow as a company and evolve our services to answer the needs of our clients.I am proud to be a member of the TeleSign Client Services Team, providing a best-in-class, unique experience to our customer and partners, unmatched by any other in our industry.

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