TeleSign's Spring 2016 Product Enhancements

Our product and engineering teams have been busy developing critical enhancements as a part of our ongoing commitment to deliver identity assurance through innovative solutions. We've outlined a few of the larger enhancements that have gone into the platform recently that might be of interest to you, as you seek out new ways to protect your businesses from fraud.Tap Into Known Fraud Data


Fraudsters constantly change techniques and attack vectors, but often use the same phones across various organizations. Tapping into known fraud with phone number data from TeleBureau, a patented, growing consortium of phone number reputation information, is essential. Our Data & Analytics product, Score, which includes TeleBureau, allows customers to contribute known fraudulent numbers to a shared ecosystem, empowering members to query suspect phone numbers linked to fraudulent activity. Score provides industry and fraud typing to allow you to determine if the fraud activity from the number submitted applies to you.Key Benefits of Score's TeleBureau:

  • Extensive database of phone numbers with fraud information that can be used to stop future fraud attempts.
  • Provides insights into trends across shared repository of phone fraud data.
  • Allows customers to look up specific phone number history to evaluate risk.
  • Permits secure sharing of phone fraud data for TeleBureau members.

Score & Voice Verify Include IRSF Attack Detection

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is one of the telecom industry's most enduring problems with estimated annual fraud losses upwards of $1.8 billion. IRSF attacks are common on Web properties that offer any type of call-based interaction with users.  These attacks involve fraudsters sending voice calls to premium rate phone numbers and collecting a payout for every call connected.TeleSign is the only mobile identity solution provider to offer IRSF attack detection through our Data & Analytics API, Score, and our Voice Verification API, Voice Verify.Key Benefits of IRSF Attack Detection:

  • Allows you to take proactive steps to help minimize potential impacts and fraud loss from IRSF.
  • TeleSign also proactively monitors for IRSF attacks and alerts customers, if identified.

Personalized Verification Messaging With Text-to-Speech


With Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality added to Smart Verify and Voice Verify, customers can immediately customize the entire message and add an automatically generated code. TTS delivers multi-language support for online and mobile app account security use cases providing customers with the ability to customize voice templates for delivering verification messages in more than 26 languages and dialects in a quick and easy way. These include: Chinese (3 Dialects), Danish, Dutch, English (5 Accents), Finnish, French (2 Dialects), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (2 Dialects), Russian, Spanish (3 Dialects) and Swedish.Key Benefits of Text-to-Speech:

  • Allows you to deliver localized and customizable content within minutes.
  • Provides a more local presence virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Reduces the wait time for custom message recordings.
  • Can be used at no additional charge (included with Smart Verify and Voice Verify).
  • Utilizes a single template that applies across SMS and Voice products – simply drop the same message into both fields and TeleSign does the rest.

Enable 2FA Notifications on Apple Watch

Push Verify customers can now enable end user notifications to be sent directly to the Apple Watch.  This includes 2FA-related interactive notifications for accessing accounts and verifying transactionsKey Benefits of Extended Push Verify Notifications:

  • Delivery of push notifications to Apple Watch users for one-click authorization of account access and transactions.

We are extremely excited to let you know about these important additions to our Mobile Identity solutions.Want to see these new features in action? Contact your TeleSign expert today and ask for a quick demo or simply request a call!"

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