TeleSign Voice With Call Recording

How do you take the Voice API with the best quality in the world and make it better? Simple, you add more features that make it an even more valuable tool. Today, we're adding Call Recording to TeleSign's Voice solution to better serve you and your customers.What is Call Recording Used For?Good question. Think about a police investigation. Perhaps you're watching the excellent Mindhunter season 2 on Netflix. They record everything because it's helpful to go back to an old interview. Maybe they missed something, maybe they learn how to streamline a process.While your business might not be chasing serial killers, the same concept applies to why call recording can be helpful to your business.

Quality Control

By recording calls you have a record of quality control. This includes evaluating your agent's performance as well as a sentiment analysis of your customers. Were your customers happy or upset during this interaction? Do we need to take further steps to ensure we do not lose this customer? Having a recording makes these decisions easier.


Call recording can also lead to transcription, a written ledger of the entire call. These can be very handy for reference or also in certain legal situations. It's always better to have a paper trail than to not have one (unless you are one of the baddies from Mindhunter)

Customer Insights

By analyzing call recordings that you can fast forward, rewind and pause you can gain great insights into your customer's mind. What's working, what can we do better? All customer feedback is an asset, call recording ensures that this record lives on forever and proactive steps can be taken to analytically improve your processes.As mentioned in the opening, it's always best to keep a record of things. If it's good enough for the FBI, it's good enough for your business. TeleSign is a big supporter of always keeping the receipts and now our Voice platform makes that so much easier.To learn more about Call Recording and all of the other fun features our Voice API offers, click here.

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