TeleSign Super Heroes

Bill Carr,  Senior QA Engineer

Bill, What do you do for TeleSign, (in your own words)?

I work in the QA Department for Todd Ekenstam as a Senior QA Engineer.  My duties include testing/verifying all products my team builds, innovating new test scenarios for both my team and QA in general, developing automated tests for our various web products (Client Portal and;  deployment support for all our Engineering deployments, Scrum Master for our Agile Team2, research and analysis of potential new Test tools for the company, creation of our Call Verification audio files, provisioning custom and default SMS verification messages, as well as promoting healthy Agile engineering practices and principles.

How would you describe what TeleSign does?

TeleSign provides global products that educate, support, and protect internet/cloud content providers (and the customers they serve) from the pitfalls of fraud and abuse through our phone-based verification and authentication solutions.  Putting it  another way (the take I like on what TeleSign does) is we promote the free-flow and exchange of e-commerce and thought in an environment where fear of fraud or unauthorized commercial exploitation (whether it be thought, tangible property, or financial) theft.  What we do makes the Internet a more enjoyable experience for users as well as protecting providers’ ability to generate commerce in the web-o-sphere.

What wakes you up in the morning or what motivates you to come to work every day?

What gets me out of bed each morning is the thought I have a Treasure Hunt ahead of me.  And by Treasure Hunt I mean new opportunities to ply a skill, learn a skill, creatively (or even not-so-creatively) support a co-worker with either information or tools that make them just that more effective at doing their job, secure the authenticity and reliability of our products and services, or even just a fresh approach to how we build some of the great products and services we offer here at TeleSign. I’ve worked many avenues in Software Development and QA.  Here at TeleSign we have the rare opportunity to provide a real solution to the problems (e.g. fraud) that would otherwise restrict trust in – and free access to – the  Internet and Cloud for any and all users.
I’ve seen personal computing and the Internet rise from a pipe dream in engineering articles to the formidable power they are today.  I’ve also seen the damage that Fraud has done in limiting the growth and opportunities those technologies offer.  What I like about TeleSign is we are a company that is doing something about that.
Plus, I really REALLY enjoy the TeleSign family of employees.  There is always a great idea brewing, a great gut-laugh lurking in even the most casual of observations, or an amazing insight or solution, all just right here waiting to be tapped.  Hardly a day has gone by I don’t hear someone laugh.  All the folks here are consummate professionals and thinkers and I love being exposed to that.

What do you think differentiates TeleSign as a great workplace?

In terms of our products – we build awe-inspiring products and solutions to assail the web-o-sphere bad guys that have made it their mission to undermine faith, trust, and open forums of the Internet and Cloud
In terms of our Executives – we have brilliant, approachable, and friendly people steering us and growing our business prospects.
In terms of our Middle-Management – we have insightful, resourceful and caring leaders/supervisors who are communicative and committed to the company as well as us, the employees.
In terms of the employees – we have talented team players who stand at the ready to do their job and assist where needed.
Here, I see everyone treated with respect and are made to feel we’re the keystone of importance to the company in developing and enhancing our technologies, and there is no end of expressing that gratitude to us.  Not once have I heard anyone here at TeleSign tell me (or anyone else) “That’s not my job.  Sorry, can’t help you.”
Finally, on top of all the other observations, it’s fricken fun to work here.

If you were a superhero, which one would you be and why? Or better yet, what special super powers do you possess?

Eugene the Jeep.  He is a magical animal formed of the transmutation of multi-dimensional kindred life cells, possessing magical abilities, and he’s freely able to move between dimensions.  He possesses a high intelligence and all these qualities combine to allow him to help Popeye and Olive Oyl solve their complex, almost impossible problems.

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