TeleSign SPiNs Up the Fun at MWC Americas

To help celebrate the debut of Mobile World Congress (MWC) Americas, which took place this week in San Francisco (9/12-14), we were delighted to host a happy hour event at SPiN, just across the street from the main event. MWC is now the premier mobile industry event for the Americas and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to be part of the first--very successful--effort.The happy hour was a blast. Attendees absolutely loved the venue, enjoyed the ping pong tables, opportunity to mingle with peers and meet Darren Berkovitz one of TeleSign's co-founders and Tom Powledge, our Chief Product Officer.With over 100 folks from companies like Aetna, American Express, Apple, Facebook/Instagram, Google, Macy's, MSFT, PayPal, Uber, and many others… we had more than double the attendees than expected!

Four ping pong tables, bottomless hors d'oeuvres, mains, and top shelf wine, beer, and cocktails, as well as dessert…A fantastic venue, SPiN is like a billiards hall only for ping pong. The SPiN team did a terrific job hosting an oversubscribed event in terms of attendance and expanded our private space to accommodate the additional guests.A huge thank you to the team at SPiN, especially the serving staff who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone had a beverage and plenty of food, and in particular our host Zach who went the extra mile for us.

Oh… one more thing… most of all we want to thank the many amazing customers and friends that came through. Having the opportunity to spend time with you outside the four walls of the office is an incredible privilege!! Your remarkable participation is what makes these events so much fun and is our inspiration for putting on such great experiences.Until next time!"

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