TeleSign Smart Verify: Unified API Delivers Full Power of TeleSign Portfolio

New offering features “Smart Decision Engine” and “Smart Start Services” to help increase completion rates, better manage costs and minimize the development effort needed to get started.

Securing end-user accounts from compromise through phone-based verification and authentication is our top priority at TeleSign. But in order for a company to really know who is behind a number used for end-user verification, many data elements are necessary.  Without an automated decision engine, developers would need to integrate multiple phone attributes (i.e. determine if number is linked to fraud, mobile or landline, etc.) collect the data, orchestrate a “logic” workflow and then wire them all together.

With a single, unified API, ongoing fraud analysis, a configurable decision engine, less integration effort and best practice client services, TeleSign Smart Verify simplifies end-user verification and two-factor authentication (2FA) on Web and mobile app-based accounts.  It combines multiple TeleSign products—including PhoneID, SMS & Voice Verification and Push Verify—for a streamlined, more manageable API integration process.


TeleSign Smart Verify addresses common issues faced by online and app developers, such as:  helping prevent online or mobile app-based breaches, determining who users really are, providing stronger security against hacking than usernames and passwords and reducing verification costs (i.e. SMS-based to landlines).

With TeleSign Smart Verify, developers can build simple integration of intelligent workflows, reduce fraudulent activity, lower verification costs, gain better visibility and leverage best practice services.

“Smart” FeaturesSmart Decision Engine. Smart Verify's Smart Decision Engine features a configurable workflow that includes detailed steps for real-time fraud detection, reputation scoring and optimized routing of the verification and authentication process (SMS, voice, push notification) to the most reliable and/or cost-effective method. The Smart Decision Engine utilizes product features available through PhoneID, SMS & Voice Verification and Push Verify.

Smart Start Services. TeleSign's Smart Start Services provide faster, easier best practice integration at no additional cost.  The services include best practice user experience consultation, detailed API and SDK documentation, training materials for TelePortal access and reporting, and ongoing 24/7 global support for faster, more streamlined integration of end-user verification and authentication for online or mobile app accounts.TeleSign Smart Verify is available today around the globe and can be easily embedded into new or existing Web and mobile app-based platforms.

To learn more about the product and how it works, visit the Smart Verify product page or download the full datasheet, here.

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