TeleSign Score's Data-Driven Intelligence Helps Ridesharing App Streamline Growth of Real Users

Via is changing the way people get around in cities. Using the Via app, users input an address and are matched with a vehicle going their way. It's considered an on-demand, tech-enabled bus that comes to the corner when and where they need it. As a thriving business in an explosive growth industry, Via understands how important it is to prevent fraud and protect its user base.

Ridesharing & Taxi Apps Fraud

On-demand ridesharing apps continue to grow at phenomenal rates, making them prime targets for fraud. Typical abuse includes fake accounts created to exploit coupons and the use of stolen credit cards to pay for fares. Via wanted to proactively address these issues to prevent isolated examples of fraudulent behavior from turning into more pervasive problems.

Security Without Friction

Via was hesitant to deploy fraud prevention steps that would negatively impact good users to catch the smaller percentage of bad users. They did not want a service that required numerous end-user steps, intrusive and excessive checks or credit card authentications even before a ride occurred. Via was looking for a solution that would not limit or prevent the customer from converting, but made the conversion/user flow much simpler.

TeleSign Score: Fraud Risk Intelligence Helps Increases Conversions

With TeleSign's Score API, Via implemented a fraud prevention solution that leverages phone number data intelligence as a risk indicator/profile when bringing in new customers. During the app registration process, using the Score API, Via automatically verifies the user's phone number, analyzes the phone number data, reviews the risk reputation score and makes an instant data driven fraud decision of whether to allow streamlined registration (for good users) or send a user through additional verification checks prior to registration (for risky users). Score allows us to offer the best customer experience for valid users, said Avishai Shoham, VP of Product at Via.

Over 92% of new account sign-ups don't go through an additional verification process and as a result we are seeing higher conversion rates.

To learn more about how Via uses TeleSign Score to prevent fraud without sacrificing user experience, check out the full customer story, here.

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