TeleSign Crushes Coupon Fraud at the Cinema

Atom Tickets is an innovative social movie ticketing app designed to make going to movies with friends easier. The app aims to give you a VIP experience at the theater by helping you plan a night out at the cinema and take full advantage of some fun promotional offers.

The Problem…

*Reduce Coupon FraudMurphy's Law states that if there is a loophole to be found, a handful of people will try to exploit it. Atom Tickets had a loophole problem. By creating burner accounts using fraudulent information, bad actors were able to repeatedly claim coupons and promotions that should only be available to a new user. This increased customer acquisition cost for Atom Tickets also drove up operating expense and ultimately harmed their bottom line.

…The Solution!

Enter TeleSign. By implementing TeleSign Score, a risk reputation service, Atom Tickets was able to ward off these evil-doers. Now when Atom Tickets receives a phone number on a new account, data intelligence tells them whether to allow, flag or block a user. Think of it as a bouncer for your app.

The Results

Since adopting TeleSign Score, Atom Tickets has lowered coupon abuse fraud by nearly 80% saving an approximate 30% in operating costs. Furthermore, implementing this process has added no new hurdles to acquiring legitimate users.

“We've added no additional steps or friction. We simply analyze the data behind the user's phone number and we know if that user is legitimate, risky, or if they are attempting to take advantage the latest coupon or promotion.” – Drew Tennenbaum, Head of Engineering Atom Tickets

We all love the movies, and no one likes being taken advantage of, now with TeleSign Score, Atom Tickets can feel secure knowing that their users are real and their revenue is maximized.Learn more about how TeleSign is helping Atom Tickets reduce coupon fraud and save operations expenses: read the full case study!

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