TeleSign Celebrates Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day, a day that began in Europe in 1981 and is now celebrated around the world as a way to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information. At TeleSign we are big proponents of privacy, and as a registered Champion of Data Privacy Day we couldn't think of a better day than today to commemorate the many privacy milestones we celebrated in the past year.

Easily the biggest privacy highlight for TeleSign in 2015 was winning the IAPP-HP Privacy Innovation Award for our investments in privacy culture and for our contribution to the public awareness of privacy and security issues with our Turn It On campaign. This campaign reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide in an effort to empower consumers to better protect their own online data by turning on two-factor authentication, but even this impressive figure was just the tip of why we won the award and what we have done to promote privacy in the past year. Just as important were the many ways we have ingrained privacy into our company culture.

Part of building privacy into a company culture means enlisting employees to be champions of privacy, and that is exactly what we did at TeleSign. As our Chief Privacy Officer (a rare position at most startups), I led the charge in getting members of each of our business units specialized privacy training from the International Association of Privacy Professionals and doing in-person privacy trainings for all employees at each of our offices around the world. Today I am proud to say we have nine team members across the US and Europe who are certified privacy professionals.

On top of everything else, the team at TeleSign has helped spread awareness for privacy by writing key trade articles, speaking at industry conferences and sponsoring academic research. You can learn more about how TeleSign champions privacy every day by reading my four-part IAPP series, “Prioritizing Privacy” starting here. You can also participate in Data Privacy Day by interacting with other privacy champions on social media, using the hashtag #PrivacyAware.Have a happy Data Privacy Day!

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