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As businesses increase their focus on user account verification and the threat of system data breaches, security maintenance is a full-time job. To maintain a secure environment with TeleSign's services, all TeleSign customers are able to take advantage of their very own user interface and management tool, TelePortal. TelePortal is an online client service portal offering reliable and easy access to account status, critical security data, financial information and reports.By logging onto this secure entry point at, customers are able to review their account information, use our products and services, check their account reporting, contact Customer Service, and monitor their invoice status.

Recently updated with automated graphics and improved dashboards, TelePortal offers intuitive centralized access to reporting, transaction logs and billing information. This allows easy monitoring of account traffic and network security updates. Customers are able to perform manual verifications in the same way through TeleSign Verify SMS, Verify Voice and Verify Push, and also perform Transaction Searches.Our TelePortal initial dashboard also includes a News section that will feature the latest announcements, service information and alerts, and useful customer tidbits regarding TeleSign features and functionality.  This section will increase our customer outreach and awareness while driving service engagement.

The Reporting section makes it easy to get a quick overall picture of the state of play. Customers can view aggregate data for transactions grouped by product, country or phone type, and also dive deeper to see summaries of SMS status, SMS status by country, Voice status, as well as the data returned by PhoneID Standard, Contact, Live and Score.With reporting, customers are able to schedule their most important reports and have them delivered to their inboxes via e-mail for convenience.  Customers are also not able to save their favorite reporting custom views for future use at any time.

The Finance section presents clear details of a customer's previous invoice and payment history, along with a running balance.  The self-service Tools section makes it possible for customers to use this dashboard to check the verification characteristics of a phone number using PhoneID Standard, PhoneID Contact, PhoneID Live or PhoneID Score, with the results appearing in real time.

We have also included a wide-ranging Support section. Not only does this contain SDK documentation for C#/.NET, Python, Java and PHP, you'll also find full information on our REST API and how to use it to implement an authentication solution. This includes complete instructions on how to integrate to the API for SMS and Voice requests, and to TeleSign's PhoneID suite of data products.

TelePortal includes a comprehensive FAQ section which covers everything you will need to know about user experience, general integration, TeleSign'rsquo;s REST API, Verify SMS, Verify Voice, PhoneID Standard, PhoneID Contact and PhoneID Live. And if you're still unsure of how to use our services or integrate the TeleSign platform, you're welcome to contact TeleSign Support, by phone, by email 24/7 at, or by simply completing the question form in the Support section.We'd really like to hear from you, especially about your experiences with TelePortal and how you're getting on with it. So please feel free to review our client portal, report back, and give us the feedback we need to make it the best possible user interface for all TeleSign customers!"

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