TADHack Global Recap

TADHack Global

Eight locations, hundreds of hackers and thousands of dollars in prizes. Such was the story for TADHack Global 2019. TADHack Global is an annual hackathon that helps people learn about the latest Internet, IT, and Telecoms technologies; and use those technologies to solve problems that matter. TeleSign has been a proud sponsor of this event since its inaugural hackathon six years ago. This year, apart from sponsoring the entire event, TeleSign hosted its very own TADHack location out of our Belgrade office. Additionally, we had reps attend the Chicago Hack including VP of Product Management, Pierre Demarche, who gave the keynote speech at the following week's TADSummit.

Overall, it was truly rewarding to sponsor and host this incredible event, which provided great visibility and brand awareness for TeleSign in the developer space, especially in Belgrade. We were extremely impressed with all the contestants, their ideas, and the use cases they solved for.Here's a quick highlight of the event & some of our winners:

Four teams of engineers gathered at the TeleSign office with 48 hours to create a ‘hack' or a programmable web application to solve for a real-world problem. Using our suite of APIs, the developers were given a set of tools to build apps that could focus on communication, verification, mobile identity or some combination of the three. Local TeleSign experts spent time with each team from the ideation stage all the way through coding and execution. Not only was each team competing locally, but against teams across the globe in other TADHack locations. There were certainly obstacles along the way for our hackers, but through tireless effort and perseverance, the finished products were quite inspiring.

Our Winners

First place went to a team of young mathematicians: Maheri. Their hack was around scheduled notifications to friends and family of a user who is traveling, based on either ETA or distance to destination. In addition to convenience, Maheri's project could be used as a security tool for the solo traveler. Check out their presentation here.

Second place went to the Universal Help Network hack from Popayan. The hack consists of a network of experts on one side, and customers needing expertise on the other. It is more of a general business idea as opposed to a true hack, but the concept thrives on the asymmetry of information involved in certain fields. Given the large gap between general knowledge through open or closed communities and expert consultants, this hack is sure to have a great impact on knowledge sharing. No platform addressing this has emerged yet. To view the presentation click here.

Third place went to Fighting Fantasy from London. This is an interactive fantasy gaming platform, based on SMS. It was fairly simple to implement on the server side, and extremely easy to adopt from a user's perspective. In the future this hack could be made even stronger with the implementation of RCS as the rich communication format could allow for .gif files, beautiful artistic branding and even provide more interaction. The presentation link can be found here.Congrats again to TADHack Global 2019 winners, we loved what you created, and we can't wait to see what you work on next. I'd like to extend a huge thank you to my team in Belgrade who made our local event such an enormous success, and to our global team for all their efforts as well.

For those in Europe, don't forget to come to TADSummit EMEA in London starting November 19 where TeleSign's Sr. Product Manager, Abhijeet Singh will be speaking. To learn more about how TeleSign connects and protects online experiences with sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions, click here."

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