Switzerland Data Coverage: A Game Changer in the World's Most Competitive Economy

Global expansion. For online businesses located in countries throughout the world, it's how they grow. Get new customers in more markets that offer opportunities for increased demand of your supply. At TeleSign, we've focused our efforts on helping our customers optimize their investments toward the targets offering up the greatest potential for return. Switzerland, with the number 1 global ranking for gross national income (GNI) per capita, definitely makes that list. But to crack the Switzerland market, businesses need more than a pair of skis and a fondue pot--they need consumer data insights. TeleSign now has advanced data coverage in Switzerland.

The Swiss Consumer

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report currently ranks Switzerland's economy as the most competitive in the world. Buyers in this wealthy country appreciate quality and are well prepared to spend what it takes to get what they want. Key to international brands, Swiss consumers have a strong appetite for cross-border shopping and pay special attention to the after-sale service provided by a business. Growing industries include travel and tourism, on-demand services, eCommerce, entertainment & media, and (more than anywhere else in Europe) health/organic good.The total addressable market for each of these sectors is substantial. Learning more about the people behind the purchasing is the way to ensure your business gets a piece of it.

How Does Data Help?

It's more important than ever for online businesses to truly understand their customers on a deeper level to prevent fraud, improve customer service, enhance the user experience, and ultimately increase brand loyalty and grow revenue. The data that TeleSign provides through our PhoneID API helps our customers optimize and secure their onboarding and transactional flows by authenticating—based on carrier data gleaned from provided phone numbers—that customers are who they say they are. This data gives businesses the customer identification tools needed to enter competitive new markets like Switzerland with an advantage.

Data Attributes Available in Switzerland

  • Standard data—Identify phone type (fixed lines, mobile, prepaid mobile, toll-free, non-fixed VOIP, pager, payphone, invalid, restricted number, personal, voicemail, or other) to strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, inform risk models and determine the optimum channel for message delivery.
  • Contact Plus — Receive consumer contact information based on carrier subscriber contact data. Use to strengthen existing fraud risk models, instant acquisitions and improve registration UX with pre-filled form fields.
  • Contact Match – Receive a 0-100 score match when comparing a submitted name and address against the name and address on file with the carrier. Use to validate an end-user's physical address at onboarding, during a high-value transaction, verify a shipping address and to strengthen existing fraud risk models.
  • Subscriber Status – Know if the phone account is prepaid or postpaid; active, suspended, or de-active; account type; primary account holder; length of account tenure; and date of last status change to better understand the strength, value or risk of a user.
  • Device Info – Instantly know phone make and model to detect fraud or understand the strength, value or risk of the device holder and adjust content and marketing strategies per device.
  • Number Deactivation — Receive data intelligence on when a phone number has been truly deactivated, based on carriers' phone number data and our proprietary analysis. Delivers a date and time stamp, in the event a trust anchor has been broken.

Simply put, with this data businesses can now block bad users and protect and engage good users in Switzerland throughout their customer lifecycles.

Regarding Consent

TeleSign's PhoneID trusted identity data is provided to our clients for the sole purpose of establishing a secure business relationship with end-users, where end-users willingly provide their personal information (phone number, address, or other information) to the business, following the proper consent guidelines. The end-user's personal information is used in a way that clearly benefits the individual and the organization's expectations are reasonable and disclosed to the end-user upfront.The types of data attributes that TeleSign provides from the PhoneID suite require our clients to collect various levels of end-user consent, depending upon the data attribute being utilized. With TeleSign PhoneID, in most cases, end-user consent is collected in order to complete an online account registration process (to verify identities), request/verify a transaction, validate name and address, or confirm end-user's location while interacting with the business. The end-user's personal information is used in to establish a secure and trusted business relationship.The TeleSign team provides a Consent Management Overview document to customers, which provides more details about required consent and best practice guidance on how to obtain it.

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