Stop Telephonin' Me: The SIM Box Problem

What's a SIM box? It almost sounds like a bad 90s computer game, alas they are much more annoying and potentially dangerous than that. A SIM box is essentially a device that houses dozens of SIM cards and it is used for routing local calls.If you think SIM Boxes sound vaguely familiar, it's probably because you've heard about them in the news. Spoiler alert: It's not for a good reason.

What's in the Box?!?

You may have read about SIM boxes being used to undercut international call rates, reducing revenue for carriers and governments. For this reason, SIM boxes are now illegal in certain countries, most notably within Africa. Some companies have continued to roll the dice, but hell hath no fury like a government scorned so we advise against it.

Even if you don't mind being loosely associated with fraud or running afoul of African governments, there's an even better reason to avoid SIM boxes. They are garbage really don't work that well.

Imagine a phone call is a non-stop flight. A SIM box is a layover in Cleveland…in January. Sure Cleveland has a lovely airport, but it snows a lot in the winter and your flight might not make it out. Similarly, a call routed through a SIM box just might not make it to the proper destination, or any destination at all.

Or how about a real world example? You are driving for a ride share company and trying to contact your rider. Your rider might only be a hundred feet away but if your call doesn't route properly, you are out of luck my friend. Maybe your rider just misses the call. Unfortunately, that's not a working number that they can call back. The whole situation goes sideways quickly. Upset driver, upset passenger, terrible user experience, brand trust destroyed.

By using SIM boxes you are adding unnecessary steps into a streamlined process. You are playing a game of ‘telephone' at recess and hoping the problem child doesn't go rogue.

Placing phone calls to your users isn't a silly schoolyard game for children, it's important business. Why then would you place your trust in a device that's been known to fail?

You wouldn't.

A Better Way

Here at TeleSign, we don't believe in SIM boxes. We don't believe in cutting corners to save a buck, we believe in delivering excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Through our partnership with BICS we have developed one of the most reliable routing networks on the planet and don't need a device oft associated with fraud to get that done.Honestly, our official stance is that every SIM Box deserves the Office Space treatment.

If your company is still using this antiquated technology, it's probably time to give us a call and move to the adult table.

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