Score: New Fraud Fighting Functionality & Predictors

In a continuous effort to improve the way we combat and prevent fraud, our data team has now added new predictors and functionalities to our Score API, which delivers reputation scoring based on phone number intelligence, traffic patterns, machine learning and a global data consortium.


Evaluation of Additional Data Inputs

We've enhanced Score to receive and evaluate additional customer-provided data inputs such as user IP address, email address, account ID, and device ID with each API request for better risk assessment. The benefit of adding these additional inputs is that it unlocks additional data attributes that our machine learning model can use to evaluate and predict fraud.


Score Enabled on Voice Verify to Protect Voice Traffic

Score can now be enabled on our Voice Verify service to protect customers' voice traffic from bulk account creation and International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) attacks. IRSF happens when attackers use fraudulent access to a network to artificially inflate traffic to numbers obtained from an International Premium Rate Number (IPRN) Provider and then receive payment for every minute of traffic generated. To help address this issue, we've added the option to do a Score check for each Voice Verify transaction using one single API request. This will help block voice calls to potentially IRSF-related premium phone numbers. Our Voice Verify documentation now includes reference to returning Score information in the API response.To learn more about these enhancements, request a demo from your TeleSign representative or contact us today.

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