Report: We Know How to Reach Your Customers

Being able to reach your customers in today's fast-paced digital world is crucial for the success of your business. Not only does a strong communications strategy increase customer satisfaction with your brand, it can help grow your users and boost sales. But knowing how to reach your customers in today's complex communications landscape can prove difficult.

In order to help your business understand how consumers want to be communicated with, and the best ways to enhance those communications, we spoke with more than 2,000 consumers around the globe about their communication preferences. The result: The 2018 Customer Reach Report - a comprehensive guide to better global B2C communications and the benefits that come with reaching customers how and when they want to be reached.

It Starts With a Text

One of the clearest stats to come from the report found that 85% of consumers say texting is essential to the way they communicate. And this doesn't just apply to communicating with family and friends. A whopping 89% of consumers want businesses to offer the option of texting, and 93% want to be able to respond to any texts they receive from businesses. What this means, at its core, is your business needs to offer the option of texting with your customers or risk losing them altogether.

If your business doesn't currently offer texting, you aren't alone. Today only 45% of consumers receive one or more texts from businesses per week, which means there are opportunities for businesses to step up and differentiate themselves. And if the consumer demand isn't enough to convince you, the benefits surely will.


Among the many reasons why consumers love SMS, the top choices include convenience, speed and that it's less intrusive than other forms of communication. But the benefits don't just extend to consumers.

Businesses that leverage SMS communications with their customers can see massive financial and brand loyalty benefits. 75% of consumers we spoke with said an SMS text from a business increased their satisfaction with that business and 69% said a text made them more likely to do business with the company. Even more impressive might be the ROI marketers and sales teams can see, with 58% of consumers using a promo code they received via text, and 30% making a purchase based off a text.

Finally, one of the clearest benefits to SMS lies in the responsive nature of its style. 74% of consumers read texts from businesses within 5 minutes, as opposed to only 48% for emails.

With all these benefits, SMS is probably starting to sound like a no-brainer when it comes to your customer communications strategy. However, we are just getting started.

Enhancing Communications & Customer Experiences

When your business starts using SMS as part of your customer communications strategy, you unlock a wealth of opportunities tied to your users. That is because the phone number for each user is not just the best way to reach them, it is also the best way to identify them and keep them secure.

Leveraging phone intelligence based on a customer's phone number can enable your business to verify those users are real and who they say they are, effectively blocking fraudsters from creating fake accounts or harming your ecosystem. It can also help identify key attributes about those real users, such as the type of device they use to help ensure you are communicating with the proper types of messages, verifying contact information for more seamless online experiences, and so much more.

TeleSign offers two phone intelligence solutions, PhoneID and Score, that combined with SMS communications can ensure your business is providing a safe, seamless and enjoyable customer experience.

Getting Started

There are a variety of ways in which your business can begin leveraging SMS and phone intelligence today. Whether it's sending customer alerts and notifications or verifying new users and protecting account access with two-factor authentication, these use cases can greatly benefit your brand and your users.

As the leading provider of global communications and trusted identity data, TeleSign enables communications, secures accounts and prevents fraud for customers in more than 200 countries and territories and across 87 languages. Backed by top-of-the-line support teams and an unrivaled number of direct connections to carriers around the globe, our solutions can help your business get started with better communications in minutes.Learn more by visiting

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