RCS for Holiday Shopping

What is RCS and how are top brands using it to increase revenue and build relationships in the digital age?

Last year, American shoppers spent one trillion dollars on holiday shopping. Let that number sink in for a minute. That is a number higher than the entire Gross Domestic Products of Norway and Sweden combined.

It's no secret that Americans like to shop nor is it unknown that many retailers will have their entire years made or broken during this brief stretch of time. Millions of dollars will be spent in marketing and advertising this season to woo consumers through traditional channels and others that may be new to you. One new innovation that you might not be familiar with is RCS, but this holiday season it can be your secret weapon.

RCS or Rich Communication Services is a communication protocol that acts as an over-the-top messaging service akin to WhatsApp or iMessage. In the past, many brands leveraged traditional channels such as SMS for their application-to-person (A2P) messaging to communicate alerts, reminders and notifications to their users. One year ago, your brand may have been sending a one-sentence alert informing your users of a Thanksgiving sale. By unlocking the expanded power of RCS, companies can now do a lot more. Now you can send robust branded messages packed full of additional features such as an engaging carousel rich card that displays all of your holiday deals in an interactive presentation.Like this!

As you can see in the above photo, a rich card allows for scrolling, interacting, chatting and yes…purchasing.

The rise of Cyber Monday

Another lesson we learned from 2018 is that Cyber Monday is now king. Gone are the days of mad scrambles and occasional violence on Black Friday, consumers are now staying at home and having gifts delivered conveniently to their front door. Nearly eight billion dollars were spent last year on the Monday after Thanksgiving and with the entire season set to have a projected 3.7% increase, that number will reach higher this year.

One of the main benefits of RCS is that these messages are interactive so with just a few clicks, a user can place an order. More features include the ability to send video files, pictures, .gifs, audio messages and even power A.I. chat bots to cut back on customer support costs. If you subscribe to the idea that higher engagement with customers leads to higher sales, then the following statistic should have you dreaming of a very happy holiday season. The GSMA has reported that brands utilizing RCS for messaging have seen up to an 800% lift in click through rates, and customers are 60% more likely to interact with the content.

Retail is of course not the only industry that sees a large uptick around the holidays. What about all of the people flying home? Here is an example of how airlines could leverage RCS to increase branding and also help save the environment by eliminating the need of a physical ticket:

As you can see the graphic gives all of the information of a paper ticket but also allows customers to confirm their seat in real time or contact the airline with one click.

The onslaught of holiday overload is right around the corner, but it is not too late for your business to leverage this exciting technology to drive sales heading into the end of the year. One trillion dollars is a very large pie and TeleSign wants to help you get as large a slice as possible. For more information on RCS and reasons to partner with TeleSign please click here to speak to a sales professional.T

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