RapidAPI Marketplace Adds TeleSign's Phone-Based Verification & 2FA Functionality

Confirming user identities is a major priority for most online businesses. User verification through email, challenge or knowledge-based questions and CAPTCHA is no longer sufficient. More and more developers are now embedding two-factor authentication directly into their user registration workflows as a proactive safety measure. With the aim to help developers build secure digital experiences, TeleSign now offers its SMS Verify API directly from the RapidAPI marketplace.

The RapidAPI developer community can now add a second layer of security to end-user accounts to verify phone numbers and ensure their users are legitimate, all through a single API function call.

Strengthen Account Security & Confirm User Identities

Verifying the identity of end-users, at every stage of customer cycle, increases account security and ensures that customers have a safe online experience. Moreover, it keeps fraudsters at bay and secures user data in an age where fraudsters are constantly evolving and devising new ways to steal valuable personal information.

Once a developer implements the SMS Verify API as part of a registration workflow, TeleSign takes care of the verification by sending a verification code -- a time-based one-time passcode -- to the end-user provided phone number in the form of an SMS.  The user then enters the code in the online application, to verify their phone number and confirm their identity. TeleSign's network spans high-quality, direct-to-carrier routes to ensure the highest delivery and completion rates, enabling developers to connect with users across the length and breadth of the globe.Some of the key use cases for SMS Verify include:

  • Authenticate new users at registration
  • Confirm user identity when they access their account from a new device or update their account details
  • Confirm high-value transactions
  • Authenticate subscription or account upgrades
  • Account and password resets

See what's possible with TeleSign's SMS Verify API – view the RapidAPI blog post!

TeleSign's data intelligence APIs, PhoneID and Score are also available from the RapidAPI marketplace, helping developers gather actionable phone data and fraud risk intelligence on end-user provided numbers to block fraudulent activity and glean valuable identity insights. From fraud risk scoring to detailed subscriber data to help answer critical questions about your users -  instantly know a user's phone type (mobile, landline, prepaid, VoIP), device information, contact information, real-time location, and more. These data attributes can strengthen and validate the user verification process, reduce fake accounts, inform risk models, improve conversions, accuracy of collected information, enhance the customer experience and even determine the optimal channel for message delivery.

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