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In June 2015, TeleSign launched TurnOn2FA.com as the world’s most comprehensive guide to turning on two-factor authentication, and today we are excited to announce several robust new features that take the site to a whole new level!

Beginning with the core of the site, we have added a number of new tutorials. At launch, the site featured more than 100 step-by-step guides for turning on 2FA for sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and many more — something that caught the attention of many journalists…

“The real marvel here is the site’s collection of extremely detailed instructions for turning on 2FA in over 120 secure sites organized into almost 20 categories.” Neil J. Rubenking, PC Mag

Today we have 2FA tutorials for over 150 of the world’s most popular online websites, and are continuing to add more every day. These new tutorials come from popular apps like Snapchat adding two-factor authentication to their platform, to others platforms recommended by fans of the site, including If This Then That, Vanguard, and Viewpost.

Perhaps as important as the tutorials however, is the discovery mechanism of the site. To help ensure the most user-friendly experience possible, we have added a comprehensive search function to TurnOn2FA.com. Visitors can now search for the tutorial they need and find it instantly.

Or, if the site is not yet featured on TurnOn2FA.com, visitors can quickly recommend the site to our team through the form on the website.

Finally, to encourage further discussion around two-factor authentication and its many benefits, we have launched the ‘Talking 2FA’ blog. Posts on the blog will include industry news, educational insights, site updates and more–covering the full spectrum of the two-factor authentication world.

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To check out the new features, and to keep up with new features coming soon, visit TurnOn2FA.com. Also, be sure to share the site with family and friends and keep up with the newest updates across social media by following the hashtag #TurnOn2FA. Finally, we love to hear from you about your favorite sites where you use two-factor authentication or new sites you want added to this site, so be sure to connect with us and let us know your thoughts on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TurnOn2FA.

Happy 2FA-ing!


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