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How Digital Identity Fights Election Fraud

Once upon a time voting in elections was a simple affair. Pull a lever, get a sticker, proudly post a tight shot of that sticker to social media to let all your colleagues know that you have done your civic duty. This summer we turn our eyes to Europe where over a dozen countries in … Continued

Digital Identity for Onboarding Protection

As a business owner, are you constantly trying to thread the needle between verifying your users and streamlining your registration process to decrease churn? While phone-based verification is a great starting point for onboarding authentication, TeleSign offers more robust solutions beyond standard 2FA that ensure a safe experience for all of your users. This guide … Continued

Using Phone Numbers in Fraud Prediction Models 

We have mentioned before that the entire lynchpin of digital identity relies on the collection of a phone number as a global trust anchor. Today, you will learn how TeleSign analyzes phone numbers in fraud prediction models to help you decide whether or not to onboard a user onto your web ecosystem. First let’s look … Continued


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