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Google accounts were targeted in an ad revenue scam, user data is stolen was from yet another porn site, San Francisco transit data is being ransomed and Mark Zuckerberg gets hacked again! It’s all this and more inThe Month in Hacks.

Twitter Counter Hacked, Malicious Links Posted Via Prominent Accounts

On November 21, Fox News reported that Twitter Counter had been infiltrated. The Netherlands-based service tracks Twitter traffic and places ads for users to purchase followers. After accessing the service, hackers tweeted malicious links that promoted purchased followers through the accounts of prominent Twitter accounts. Twitter Counter confirmed the hack and has launched an investigation.

A Million Google Accounts Hit in Massive Gooligan Hack

ZDNet reported on December 1 that a massive hack targeting both Google Play and Android devices had compromised approximately a million Google accounts. A new variant of the malware Gooligan–spread through Android apps–steals email account information and authentication tokens. From there, hackers install “select apps from Google Play on infected devices to boost in-app advertising revenue.”

xHamser: Another Day, Another Porn Site Hacked

The usernames, email addresses and passwords of 380,000 xHamster accounts have been stolen, reported Motherboard on November 28. The stolen credentials include email addresses belonging to the U.S. Army, as well as domestic and foreign government agencies. xHamster denies the breach stating, “[t]he passwords of all xHamster users are properly encrypted, so it is almost impossible to hack them. Thus, all the passwords are safe and user data secured.” Motherboard is, however, recommending that xHamster users change their passwords for both the porn site and other services for which they use the same email or password.

San Francisco Transit Hit Hard — 30GB of Stolen Data Ransomed

On November 28, Fortune reported that hackers had infiltrated San Francisco’s public railway system with malware, leading to the theft of 30 gigabytes of stolen employee and customer data. The attack was staged over Thanksgiving weekend. The hackers are demanding a ransom. A spokesperson from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency told The San Francisco Examiner that “there is an ongoing investigation and it wouldn’t be appropriate to provide additional details.”

Dating & Hookup Logins Stolen From FriendFinder

On November 14, Wired reported that the usernames, passwords, and email addresses of 412 million FriendFinder accounts had been compromised. Of the accounts, 339 million reportedly belong to, which considers itself “the world’s largest sex & swinger community.” This is the second hack on FriendFinder since May 2015.

Personal Data Stolen From U.S. Navy Sailors

The names and social security numbers of 134,000 current and former U.S. Navy sailors were stolen, reported ABC News on November 24. A laptop belonging to a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services employee, who was working on a Navy contract, has been cited as the source of the leaked data. The Navy is investigating and affected sailors will be notified by email, letter and phone.

Information Captured From Canadian Casino

On November 10, Fortune reported that employee and vendor data had been stolen from the Casino Rama Resort in Ontario. The hacker is said to have taken not only financial reports and patron credit inquiries, but also collection and debt information, payroll and other data. The casino is working with authorities and private security firms to investigate the hack.

Deliveroo Fraud Highlights Need for Unique Passwords

CNBC reported on November 23 that stolen credentials from other massive data breaches were most likely the source of fraudulent purchases made through the food delivery app Deliveroo. The fraud became known when customers were charged for large orders they did not place. “Customer security is crucial to us and instances of fraud on our system are rare, but where customers have encountered a problem we take it very seriously,” said the company.

Mobile Service Provider Three UK Hacked With Stolen Login

On November 18, TechCrunch reported that Three UK is the latest company to lose private information belonging to millions of customers. Stolen credentials belonging to one of the mobile service provider’s employees has been cited as a source for the hack. Two-thirds of Three UK’s customers are believed to be at risk.

OurMine Targets Mark Zuckerberg, Again

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been hacked for the third time this year, reported Forbes on November 16. OurMine has claimed credit for this hack, this time targeting Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account through a site vulnerability. OurMine updated his profile to read, “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security,” with a link to OurMine’s website. The hackers were unable to access Zuckerberg’s Twitter account, despite having the login credentials, because he had turned on two-factor authentication.

Madison Square Garden Discloses Data Breach

Anyone who bought concessions or souvenirs from the Madison Square Garden Company over the past year could be affected by a massive data breach, reported Fortune on November 23. Venues from which payment data may have been stolen include Madison Square Garden, the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Beacon Theater, and Chicago Theater.


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