Photo Sharing App Combines TeleSign Verification Solutions to Reach and Grow Global User Base

For a mobile app offering a fast and fun way to shoot and share animated pictures, it's essential that securely onboarding new and authentic users be an equally easy process.  PHHHOTO® recognized that account registration using TeleSign's comprehensive portfolio of end-user verification products would help the business securely grow and increase its community of active users--which is now over 1 million strong.

PHHHOTO has been collecting users' phone numbers during new account registration since their app launched in 2012.  The process helped reduce fake and duplicate accounts, prevent unauthorized account takeovers and minimize customer churn. However, they sought out a new vendor that could help increase conversions through a smoother sign-up process, provide a superior SMS platform and offer expertise in online account fraud prevention.

Simplified Sign-Up

TeleSign's Auto Verify helped PHHHOTO simplify their sign-up flow, resulting in increased conversion rates for Android-based users (which account for 82.8% of the smartphone market).  The process allows users to stay in the app during registration/verification while their phone is automatically signaled in the background.“

Auto Verify has helped us simplify our in-app verification process," said Joseph Jorgensen, CTO. As a result, we are seeing increased registration conversions as Android-based users no longer leave the app to complete the sign up process.”

Superior SMS

For iOS users, PHHHOTO implemented TeleSign's SMS Verify and Voice Verify APIs to take advantage of an unparalleled global network that delivers application-to-person (A2P) messaging and communications at a higher rate, worldwide. As a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), TeleSign maintains strong relationships with hundreds of telecommunication providers worldwide, which leads to more reliable SMS delivery and conversion rates.

Reduced Costs

Since deploying TeleSign services, PHHHOTO has been able reduce their overall verification costs by 30% to 50%, which was key factor in selecting TeleSign.  PHHHOTO reports they have gained more transparent, predictable costs by utilizing a mix of SMS, voice and auto-verification services (which provides a lower cost per conversion than SMS-based phone verification alone).  SMS Verify has also helped reduce password-reset-related costs.  A link to reset an end-user's password is sent to the phone number that has already been verified and associated with the account upon sign-up—decreasing the need for helpdesk support.

Dedicated Fraud Prevention Support

PHHHOTO's previous SMS vendor did not provide monitoring of their SMS and voice traffic and conversions for red flags, suspicious patterns or potential threats. With TeleSign, 24-hour traffic monitoring is included. This differentiator has already helped PHHHOTO prevent an International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) attack. TeleSign's Client Services team identified a spike in voice traffic, immediately contacted PHHHOTO, and together were able to prevent the impact of an IRSF attack - fraudulent Voice Verify activity and related costs.

To learn more about how PHHHOTO is using TeleSign to register and protect new app users, check out the full PHHHOTO® case study."

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