Per Second Voice Billing

“Your prescription is ready.”

“Your child's school is cancelled due to snow.”

“Flight 116 delayed three hours."

Say it out loud. Go on, I'll wait.

How long did it take you to read those? Five seconds max?

Let's face it, the majority of voice phone calls are very quick. They communicate key information in a quick and succinct way, so it would stand to reason that your billing would reflect appropriately. Well, maybe…maybe not. It all depends on your Voice provider.

A/B Test

To illustrate this, please join me for a simple math equation. Let's do a blind test like the old Pepsi challenge! Let's say you made ten 30 second voice calls.

Company A charges per second, so they would charge for 300 seconds.

Company B charges by the minute (rounded up) so they would charge for 600 seconds,

Who should you use for Voice in this example? If you said company A, congratulations, you don't need to attend remedial math summer school classes this year. I'm happy to tell you that in this example, and in real life, company A is TeleSign. TeleSign does per second billing meaning we round up the total number of seconds used to the nearest minute. We don't believe that you should be charged for time that you aren't using. That seems unfair.

Per Second vs. Per Minute

Some of our competitors feel differently and round up to the nearest minute. For a 10 second voice call we bill for 10 seconds. They bill for a minute. For a 61 second voice call, we bill for 61 seconds, some competitors would bill for two minutes. Obviously this can add up quickly over time. Depending on your usage of voice, your cost savings on a per second billing scheme could be much, much higher.

Sometimes it's beneficial for items to be rounded up - the cool professor in college would round up your 89.5% to an A- or a company giving you an annual raise and rounding up to the nearest thousand  - not a bad deal. However, imagine living in a world where every conceivable item is rounded up to the nearest dollar? What if all of your credit card interest rates jumped from 18.3 to 19 percent?

These may seem like subtle changes, but over time these larger numbers can cost your business real money. Did we learn nothing of the dangers of rounding schemes from the cinematic masterpiece Office Space?

There are a million reasons you should be using TeleSign Voice (Yes every link is a different reason to use voice) but maybe the most basic is so you don't get ripped off?

Contact us today to learn about how much money you could save on Voice by switching to TeleSign!

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