Online Gaming Site Increases Number of “Safe-Players” With TeleSign's Fraud Risk Scoring & Phone Verification

ComeOn! is a cutting edge online gaming company that offers casino, betting and poker products around the world. Aware of the need to protect end-users and their brand from fraud, ComeOn! has always used two-factor authentication (2FA) via one-time passcodes (OTP) sent over SMS text message as a way to verify users at account registration. However, increases in fraudulent account activity and the creation of duplicate accounts coupled with SMS delivery issues (messages not being sent) led the company to look for a superior solution provider.

Fraud Targets Gaming Communities

Fraudsters wreak havoc on gaming communities. ComeOn! wanted to catch more fraud and reduce spikes in bonus abuse, where a single user creates several accounts to take advantage of bonus spins, free money bonuses and deposit bonuses. The company was also seeing upticks in customer reported cases of fraudulent activity. They required a solution that enabled them to make instant fraud risk decisions during the account registration process.

SMS Delivery Issues

ComeOn! was also experiencing issues with SMS delivery, which caused frequent customer support calls reporting 2FA codes not reaching the end-user. The sought a global SMS provider that could offer with higher delivery rates.

The TeleSign Difference: Higher-Quality SMS With Expertise in Phone Number Data & Intelligence

ComeOn! increased their account security protection with TeleSign through the integration of an improved 2FA phone verification process with SMS Verify and the addition of Score, a fraud risk scoring API that uses phone number data and intelligence, machine learning, traffic pattern recognition and historical fraud data (TeleBureauTM) to help evaluate end-user risk at account registration. “TeleSign Score has helped us eliminate the creation of multiple accounts by the same user, increase registration completions by 10%, and reduce the number of reported cases of fraud,” said Can Yilanlioglu, Co-Founder & Business Development at ComeOn!

On SMS Verify, Yilanlioglu commented, “TeleSign SMS Verify provides consistently high SMS delivery rates, which helped us improve our customer acquisition flow and increase conversion rates by over 10%.”

ComeOn! is now seeing significantly less cases of reported fraud, increased SMS delivery rates of 99%, a 10% improvement in registration rates and a drastic reduction in overhead and support costs.

To learn more about how TeleSign is helping ComeOn! build a safer gaming community, check out the full case study, here.To discuss how Score and SMS Verify can help your business, contact one of our experts today."

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