OLX Group: WANTED – Global Communications Partner

OLX Group is a tech conglomerate that operates online classifieds platforms across the world. The OLX brands are used by more than 350 million people every month and allow them to use the power of the internet to buy and sell nearly anything. They are the largest online classified platform in India, the second largest country in the world.

ISO: Expansion

OLX didn't necessarily have a problem, but they saw an opportunity. The opportunity was aggressive expansion into new markets, and they needed a partner who could help them spread their wings and fly. Entering a new market presents hundreds of challenges, the most basic of which is being able to service your new customers. With their old partner, OLX didn't have this ability. In fact, their SMS delivery failures were getting so bad that they were starting to see a significantly negative impact on their bottom line. When you cannot effectively communicate with your customer, you're leaving lots of money on the table.

FTFY: OLX's White Knight

OLX made a call to the bullpen and brought in TeleSign as a partner in global communication. Of course, TeleSign keeps OLX and their customers secure, but on a larger scale, OLX is now able to target markets they couldn't even dream of entering previously. TeleSign was also able to fix all of OLX's existing SMS issues (lower than expected delivery rates, continual quality and latency issues from previous vendor), which has massively improved their customer registrations and also lightened the load on OLX support staff. But what the OLX Group might appreciate the most is the premium support they receive from TeleSign.

Provided at no extra charge, OLX has been given a full, dedicated TeleSign team available at the drop of a hat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an army of knowledge engineers, routing experts, OLX is now in competent hands and can focus on what really matters, growing their business and delivering the best possible customer experience.

“Utilizing the TeleSign platform has enabled us to scale globally, faster and more efficiently --allowing us to focus on our core business.” Herman Maritz, Head of Engineering, OLX Group

The online marketplace is a competitive industry, one headache no one needs is a failing technical infrastructure, now partnered with TeleSign, OLX can look to the future with confidence and continue their play for global (classifieds platform) domination.

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