New eGuide Available: How to Increase Mobile Registration Conversions and Improve Account Security

In order to keep up with the fast-paced nature of today's online and mobile account users, businesses need to cut down on registration steps and simply ask for their users' mobile numbers to establish identity assurance through phone verification. At TeleSign, our team of security and authentication experts help businesses implement a mobile registration processes that delivers a great end-user experience and the right levels of account verification and protection. Our products give our customers the ability to quickly connect a unique identity to every account attempting to enter their user ecosystem. Through phone verification, we help detect suspicious users before account creation.The mobile account registration process described in our new eGuide, “How to Increase Mobile Registration Conversions and Improve Account Security” offers step-by-step instructions on our recommended process for combining user growth with account security. This phone verification method offers a quick, simple, low-friction way to enhance security by associating a valid phone number with every new account. It facilitates the secure journey from sign-up to welcome screen.

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