New Developer Resources Available!

The team here at TeleSign recently launched a new online resource to assist developers in their implementation of our APIs and SDKs. The TeleSign Developer Center is an easy-to-use hub that provides documentation, references and other helpful product-related information.

What's Included?

Getting Started With TeleSign: Serving as a great starting point, here you can get an overview of the content available within the center, including charts that indicate what tools are available by product.

Technical Documentation (by product): Each product page includes a description of the product's features and available documentation for that product.

FAQs: Answers to common questions about our documentation and integrations are provided to help developers navigate the portal and implement TeleSign products. Specific areas addressed here include user experience, general integration, our REST API, support and questions related to each product.

Getting Started With the REST API: This page includes information that is structured as follows - URI Structure, Using the REST API and Important Things to Remember When Using the REST API.

SMPP information: This page provides technical details intended for software architects and developers who create Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) clients to integrate with TeleSign's SMPP interface.

Other Developer Resources

In addition to this portal, we offer more resources on Github. This includes sample code libraries for integrating our REST API and access to our SDKs. As always, current TeleSign customers can log in and access their accounts via TelePortal. We are continually expanding and updating the resources available to our developer community - please check out the portal and we'd love to hear from you with any relevant feedback!  You can reach us at

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