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Our Connected Lives

“Always connected” seems to be how we live our lives today. Through advances in technology, being and staying connected is pretty easy. Take for example the web, available 24x7 with endless opportunities to explore the world, retrieve information, interact with each other electronically, and do business instantaneously.Phones, like the web, play an important role in our connected lives. It used to be predominantly landlines that kept us connected. Today, cell phones pretty much dominate the globe with reliable, portable, and high quality technology. Phones have evolved from a utilitarian tool to fashionable and fun gadgets we take everywhere.


With so much technology built into our lives, few would complain about not being able to stay in touch. Talking, texting, and sharing what we're doing every day is common. In fact, mobile phones have altered our way of life by allowing us to stay connected every minute of the day thereby improving our quality of life through portability.Gone are the old fashioned days dominated by letters, telegrams, and pagers and through our new connectedness our world has evolved from a limited regional presence to a global presence almost overnight. Whether I'm at home or in another country, I can check and send emails, make phone calls, do video conferencing, surf the web, and work—all from a small device that fits in my pocket. Love that!


With advanced connectedness come certain challenges, namely, those associated with inherent vulnerabilities related to the technology. As with anything there are those who would try, and often succeed at, exploiting the technology to their individual or collective advantage. People acting badly are true everywhere and no technology is immune from those who would seek to undermine widely used phone technology. Phone fraud is known, widespread, and serious.Preventive measures are a must and include:

  • Keep important information safe in order to prevent unauthorized account access
  • Use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for added account security
  • Verify transactions
  • Block fraudulent account creation

Beyond the obvious, there's not much too available for businesses in terms of identifying phone numbers associated with fraud in advance of fraud. The need to know more is apparent, yet a void exists with few viable alternatives in the risk minimizing area. No surprise, there's a solution—it's called PhoneID Score and it provides a needed counter balance businesses can use to minimize fraud risk.


Phone number fraud scoring is unique and is similar to credit scoring. As a cost-saving technology, phone number fraud scoring allows businesses to more inexpensively and reliably gauge fraud risk by expanding fraud prevention capabilities beyond their respective enterprise efforts. Essentially, the scoring used involves invoking rules to assess the riskiness of a phone number associated with one or multiple transactions.For real-time decision-making, PhoneID Score provides an on-demand product delivering relevant information to your business and about your customers. By using PhoneID Score, phone numbers are assessed, a risk score calculated, and a recommendation provided. The technology is patented so you know it's advanced and thorough. Provide your business with a strategic advantage and evaluate PhoneID Score today.

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Rod Villalobos, Ph.D. is a Sr. Program Manager and focuses on expanding TeleSign's world class applications and data products.


Outside of work Rod spends his time enjoying the desert in Palm Springs, CA."

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